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The Racist, Apartheid
State Of Jewish Israel

Jim Kirwan
"The United States administration, previous administrations, the European governments, the whole official international community has been complicit with Israeli crimes, war crimes in Gaza and in other places, and silent about forty-one years of occupation. So, basically, people in Israel think they can do what they want. If they violate human rights in such a terrible manner and nobody is objecting, I think they think they can move forward towards racism and an apartheid system, and that is unfortunately the case today.
And that gives you a very, very simple picture of how tragic the situation is in Israel today. And it puts us all, as Palestinians, in front of a very clear task: we have to struggle against this apartheid system. We have to break this apartheid system. But the challenge now is on the side of the whole international community, which has been either silent or complicit or trying to avoid the issue, when it is very clear."
HANIN ZOUBI: [translated] Indeed, Lieberman [one of the Israeli candidates] is a natural result of the racist policies in this country for sixty years. Lieberman didn't bring anything new. All the parties demand loyalty from the Arabs. The right, what's called the center, what's called by mistake left or center-left, they all demand loyalty from the Arabs. The new thing by Lieberman is only giving the punishment. The punishment for no loyalty is pulling the citizenship."
"anybody who is against war, for instance, that is conducted by Israel, on Gaza or anywhere else, would be considered as an illoyal or unloyal citizen. Anybody who is not supporting occupation would become not loyal to Israel. This is why it's very dangerous and risky. It is putting the oppressed, which are the Palestinians and the Arabs, who are oppressed from racism and discrimination, in a situation where either they approve of their own oppression by the Israeli government or they become disloyal to the Israeli government and then entitled to losing their citizenship. That is the risk, and that's why it looks like a very clear neo-fascist approach.
Now, on the issue of settlements, I want to say that since 1967 there hasn't been any period where there was a real freeze of settlement activities. On the contrary, they have been growing at a much faster rate, especially during the times of the so-called peace process. During Annapolisperiod, the rate at which settlement continued to expand was forty times more than before Annapolis. And now we are witnessing the creation of even new-whole new settlements." (1)
Which brings us to this global-crisis of having the world's most unstable and unfinished "nation" in the position of becoming even more rabid, in their pursuit of extermination for anyone not sharing their belief, in the superiority of the Zionist State, over everyone else on the planet.
For those that have not kept up with what Israel has taken control of, here are just a few of the things that have eluded the headlines. Israel is in charge of US stockpiles and facilities for all our nuclear weapons (leaked out during the mystery surrounding the missing nuke aboard a B-52 flight from South Dakota to New Orleans). Israel has also blackmailed the USA into backing their bid to achieve The Greater State of Israel which includes parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, and possibly parts of Saudi Arabia.
Beyond these recent leaks we know for certain that JFK tried to prevent the Israelis from obtaining nuclear weapons, and that not only failed, but along the way JFK ended up dead. His successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson was blackmailed into 'Not-stopping' the Israeli attacks upon the unarmed USS Liberty, during the six day 1967 war. Thirty-four American sailors were killed and 174 were injured, many seriously. The attack was covered up by Senator John McCain's father-Admiral McCain. (2)
Then it was Robber-Baron-Ronnie's turn to turn traitor and run from Israel. This time it was the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut,Lebanon that killed 242 U.S. Marines, and we failed to challenge or investigate that false-flag terror attack upon us by Israel. Time and again events  have been perpetrated against US interests that very specifically served Israeli interests, regardless of the cost in American lives.
We give Israel more money than all the other foreign-aid combined; yet what do we get in return? We get attacked and we are told exactly what we can and cannot do in foreign affairs and in all things having to do with the military security of Israel. Iraq and Iran as well as Pakistan andAfghanistan are all targets because they play into the creation of The Greater State of Israel. Turkey, Lebanon, Syria are also part of this massive war on all of Israel's neighbors. Israel for her part claims that all she wants is 'peace,' but what she means is that all she really wants is another "piece," of every country that is anywhere near her ever-shifting borders. The US government calls Israel our partner and ally: what she is our master, both at home and abroad-and Americans do not protest this blatant insult because they've been brainwashed!
No one has ever explained what we get for all that money and support that ordinary US taxpayer's give to Israel. If we have a 'partnership with Israel, where is the reciprocation-where is the benefit to all those American citizens that Israel thinks of as her enemies?  
Israel has been a constant irritant to the entire world for the last 60 plus years. Israel hates everyone that does not bow-down to her infamous hatreds and unquenchable greed.  Israel has become a pariah among nations, and a curse upon the planet. The world needs to have an immediate "Regime-Change" in Israel-especially now that her new government has chosen to eliminate democracy in favor of Apartheid, and Israel's stated goals have turned from supposed openness to just another fascist regime in a world that is plagued by state-terrorism at every turn. Here's Cynthia McKinney, just one of AIPAC's intended victims who has continually fought back. (4)   
Jews have been banished forty-seven times in a thousand years ­ from a wide variety of countries and by very different peoples. The major exception has been the United States. We have not allowed any other people to take over the lives of Americans in their own country-only Israel gets away with that. And "this" is only possible when good people continue to choose to "Do Nothing"! (5)
Here's just an excerpt from one example:
"Commenting on the latest Israeli one-directional onslaught against the Palestinians of Gaza Strip, the Israeli 10th TV channel has disclosed that the Israeli genocidal forces had used half of its air force and had launched at least 2500 air raids against Gaza Strip.
The television military correspondent stated that the Israeli warplanes had dropped more than a thousand tons of explosives, including white phosphorous and DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) bombs, during three weeks on the virtually unarmed densely populated 360 square Kilometers Strip.
He added that the shells fired by tanks, artillery, gunboats, and infantry were not included in those fired by the air force.
After a whole week of continuous air bombardments Israel sent in its elite foot soldiers; 30,000 of them, and called in 10,000 of its reservists. Armed with the latest weapons of mass murder, covered with an umbrella of free reigning air force, and accompanied with raining shells of heavy artilleries, they drove their tanks into the civilian towns murdering civilians and destroying every structure in their path.
Living outside of Gaza one cannot fully understand the barbarity of this genocide especially when the Western media had barely covered any of its atrocity. To gain a slight idea of its enormity one should remember that, during the 6-days war of 1967, this same Israeli army was distributed on four fronts; Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, and Lebanese, and it was fighting regular armies. Now the whole brunt of this army is  concentrated on a small strip against unarmed and untrained civilian population.
Latest official count was 1350 murdered, 40% of them were children, and 5300 were injured; mutilated and amputated. It was reported that 80% of the injured were the victims of burning phosphorous bombs. More dead are being discovered under the rebels, and many seriously injured are expected later on to die.
Israeli tanks had left several city blocks completely destroyed without any homes or structure standing. The tanks shelled homes and apartment towers. Due to the small size of Gaza Strip Palestinians had to build vertically. Many apartment towers went up 15-20 stories high with each story containing 6-8 apartments.
A total of 20,000 buildings were completely or partially burnt and damaged. The UN has reported that more than 50,000 Palestinians are left homeless and are now crowded into 50 emergency shelters.
An estimated of 50,000 more are living with relatives and in tents they erected on the ruins of their homes.
The Israeli bombardment targeted everything in Gaza including government buildings, police headquarters, banks and business offices, the main university, 67 schools sheltering civilians, shopping centers and market places, factories, water, sewer, and electricity infrastructures, private homes and apartment towers and charity organizations." (6)
We have a place that used to be a nation, but is no longer, because our leadership is wholly owned by others. Out of 535 members of congress 531 of them voted against the people of the United States and the world, when they endorsed the slaughter outlined above and more fully in the footnote. Israel stands for everything the founding documents opposed in the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers, and ultimately in the US Constitution and its Amendments.
If any other nation but Israel had done what Israel is now continuing to do to the world; the outrage and fury would have forced it from the global stage long ago. And probably, the world would have banished any surviving Zionists to uninhabitable parts of the earth, or to life imprisonment, if not death. But what have we done-NOTHING except to continue to give them whatever they demand!
Now Israel is a place where Apartheid will flourish, and where the people there shall no longer have rights or freedoms outside the narrow view of the fascists that run the world's smallest rogue state: A restless ruthless state with the fourth largest military on the planet, which we paid for ten times over. If we let that dung-heap continue to rule our every action, then we shall deserve to live in the hell that has been designed by the Zionists for us all.We could make a start by forcing all dual-citizens out of federal office: because our government ought to be reserved for Americans alone to occupy, as any other policy (such as the one that we have now) is a clear and potentially treasonous conflict of the national-interests of the United States.      
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