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How The Asian Crisis Was Created
By The Illuminati And BIS

By Benjamin Fulford
Many people, including some who should know better like Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman, believe the Asian crisis was an accident. It was no such thing. It was a deliberately planned attack aimed at stealing much of Asia's wealth and weakening the Asian tigers.
The attack on Asia was two-pronged with one prong hitting South East Asia and the other aimed at Japan.
To attack Japan, the privately owned BIS (not accountable to any government on earth) changed its international banking rules in a way that deliberately weakened Japanese banks. They then forced (through threats of violence against Japan) the Japanese authorities to bankrupt one of their big so-called city banks. The Japanese chose the smallest of them: Hokkaido Takushoku Bank. When HTK went bankrupt over 1000 viable companies in Northern Japan were forced into insolvency. This meant that loans other Japanese banks had made to them had to be declared "bad." The result was that all Japanese banks suddenly saw their BIS capital to asset ratio fall below the 8% needed to be allowed to engage in international banking. That meant they were all forced to "immediately" withdraw all their international loans, mostly made to Asia.
The Asian countries, meanwhile, were made extra vulnerable by a deliberate influx of "hot" money that created bubbles. As soon as the Japanese withdrew their loans, the "hot" money was also taken away, destroying the Asian economies. President Mahatir of Malaysia saved his country by seeing through the ruse and preventing the sudden withdrawal of "hot" money.
After the Asian economies collapsed, the carpet-baggers came in. "Hedge funds" and investment funds linked to the oligarchs came marching in and, using Japanese money, they bought up much of Asia's economic infrastructure at a deep discount.
If the BIS and the IMF etc. were really concerned about economic development they would first of all never have forced HKT bank to go under in a disorderly manner. They would have also figured out a way for the Japanese banks to do something like issue subordinated bonds so they could bolster their BIS capital and not be forced to suddenly vacate Asia.
The criminals who carried this out think they got away with it but the Asians have long memories and they have identified the perpetrators of this attack.
The American economy has been subjected to a similar financial attack by the same group of criminals. They would do well to identify these gangsters and put them out of business for ever.
Benjamin Fulford
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