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Crusaders Inc.
Jim Kirwan
The cross of the Crusaders today has a whole new look. Here it appears with some aspects of its inherent powers more clearly displayed; than it did when it was the simple Christian Cross of the Eleventh Century. Now it is the sword that it always was; the capstone on its hilt is the eye that floats atop the Illuminati's pyramid. The flared hand guards hold the remnants of the American and British Empires, and the medallion that hangs over the hand guard and falls onto the upper part of the blade, signifies the plague of Zionism, that has triggered so many of today's Crusades against so many people in nations scattered all over the planet. 'Crusaders Inc.' must have their charter removed from the community of nations; or the world will be reduced to that single symbolic drop of blood that drips from what these Bandits have done so far.
Yesterday Kathy sent me this: "VOLUME 167 NO.1 JANUARY 1985, National Geographic Magazine Opened to the chapter entitled Iraq at war. THE NEW FACE OF BAGHDAD by William S. Ellis, photographs by Steve McCurry.
Unbelievable the cities, the bridges the newly built infrastructure, the new shopping complex in Baghdad, with the dessert right next to it! The museums, the artifacts, Islam's Jewels turquoise tiled domes and minarets of Mosques, like the19th century Haydar Khanah! Many photos looked like NEW YORK ON THE TIGRIS! Two of its 12 city bridges the best glided over the Tigris. Huge new buildings that looked so futuristic, and such strong proud people. When I showed this to a few people they were so surprised. What did they think? That they were people living like it was 600 years ago on a desert in the stone-age! Yes I said when the US and UK military was done with the place it sure was! I can't believe Americans could be that ignorant. What our military did to those poor people and their country will haunt us till the end of time. They can NEVER undo the horrible wicked, sinful and deplorable things they did."
And when I finished reading the recent Harper's story, about The New Christianistas in the US military, I couldn't stop thinking about the direct connection from the Crusades that were begun in the Eleventh Century, that have never stopped, and the millions of perverted passions that still drive so many twisted extremists in the world today. Of course this too is part of the reason for the difference between Baghdad in 1985 and what is there now.
When the Colonial Western powers were defeated (five times in the Middle Eastern Crusades), by the end of the Thirteenth Century, they turned their attentions toward the southern hemisphere of the Americas and did unto those nations exactly what we just did to Iraq. "The West" then succeeded in Central and South America, where they had failed against Islam, in the Middle-East. These 'conquests' were also chartered corporate ventures-even then.
Now after well over a hundred years of the hatred and barbarity that we inflicted, our past crimes have returned to haunt us from that long dead era. Nation by nation we are being vanquished from those countries where 'karma' also played a major part in those crimes that have risen from the silence of their unmarked graves: Those crimes of conquest just like the 2000 pictures of the torture-photos must now be paid for. The elites of the planet have learned absolutely nothing from the hundreds of years which they have used to attempt to steal the "wealth" of the whole planet. And as Americans we have forgotten the lessons that Marine Major General Smedley Butler tried to remind us of, when he proclaimed after 33 years of experience on three continents that "War is a Racket." (1)
There is something we could do to stop this 'new' Christianista takeover of the US military and it's already on the books: All we need to do is enforce it! We need to retroactively TAX every so-called religious organization that has crossed the line into politics; beginning with the date of their first transgression, because religions by law cannot take an active role in politics.
A 97% tax on those "religions" would refill the US Treasury and then some. This would not be a partisan act because it is a matter of law: The reason that religions do not pay taxes now, is because they are supposedly not political organizations-but with the destruction of the constitutional wall between church and state; everything has now changed-and the churches, in the USA, now owe the US taxpayers one hell of a lot of money!
Maybe now is the time when the vast majorities of people world-wide might actually begin to come together to forcefully refute, with extreme prejudice, what has been going on for centuries. The French Revolution saw a harvest of heads that rolled because nothing else seemed to be enough to cause any real changes to the attitudes of those living in the royal-courts of that day and time. This time it's a world-wide tyranny that has used the methods of the hundreds of years of the Inquisition to try and destabilize everything that is not part of what the owners think they have the absolute right to both own and control.
There are no laws now that seem to have any effect against the elites, anywhere in the world. This Barbarity must end because we have failed to act against almost all of it ­ this re-balancing of the planet will take down most of us with it. This few micro-seconds in the life of this planet - this tentative experiment with the species known as human-beings seems
to be coming to the only end that we seem to have earned. Extinction is what happens to any species that fails to measure up to the other life forms with whom we must share this planet. We've become a rogue-species that trashes everything we come in contact with and we are devoid of any culture except self-absorbsion; having finally reached that pinnacle of greed where nothing else on earth can really matter to those that are directing all that matters - from the water and the food to the air and the earth that enable both life and dreams to continue - anywhere!
We can stop this madness in its tracks; but only if we can find the backbone needed to become involved. If we do not do this, then we shall be handing our lives over to the Bilderbergers and their shabby collaborations with the global bankers to end our way of life forever. (2)
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