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Cold Fusion Is A Reality
By James Jaeger
Jaeger Research Institute
For those of you who know how critical I have been of the "mainstream media" down through the years, my commendation of 60-minutes (for their excellent and courageous show on COLD FUSION) may come as a shock. 60-Minute's report is a welcome breath of fresh air and gives me hope that the mainstream media, at least some of it, may be waking up to its greater responsibility to the public. 
Apparently COLD FUSION is real. 
The show, which just aired tonight at 7PM EST on NBC, gave a great overview of the COLD FUSION debate along with a rare interview of Dr. Fleishmann in Europe (who seemed to be quite saddened about the waste of time and the professional invalidation which ran him out of science). 
Government and military labs, as well as countless commercial labs around the world, have now been able to confirm that the excess heat build up is real "WITHOUT A DOUBT". It is suspected that this is a low grade fusion process working in the lattice structure of the palladium atoms. The questions as to how it works, and why the reaction only happens about 75% of the time are still under unanswered. 
Fleishmann said the technology could be deployed quite quickly. The technology would in essence provide a new type of battery that would never need to be discarded or recharged in many cases. Your laptop computer would just run for its lifetime. Your car would just run on electric motors poweded by cold fusion power cells. Your house would have all the electricity it needed with NO connection to the grid -- just a large cold fusion cell sitting outside next to the heat-pump. Commercial power stations would simply replace palladium rods periodically. 
Evey gallon of sea water will provide the energy content of 10 gallons of gasoline. 
Coal, oil, natural gas, solar, wind, thermal and fission will eventually become obsolete technologies. 
This IS going to change the world. 
The Oil Establishment WILL fight back however, so expect a back lash. Even right after the 60-Minutes show concluded, Big Oil had a TV commercial talking about "increasing production for oil." What gall. 
The current suppressive energy Establishment must be resisted and run out of business. You can thank Bush I for initiating the government cover-up of Cold Fusion. Unbelievable! I never thought there could have been a bigger criminal in the White House than Nixon. Then Bush II comes along and continues the cover-up for Big Oil . . . but so did Dem Clinton, proving that BOTH parties are in on the crimes. 
Forget about the torture investigation, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II need to be hanged side by side in the public square for treason against humanity. Charge: knowingly suppressing technology vital to the human race. Can you imagine how many millions of people have needlessly died due to a lack of energy in the past 20 years since the Gov-Energy Establishment has thwarted important technology for the sake of the profit-motive and political power. 
But REJOICE fellow posters! With COLD FUSION a reality, the Singularity is that much closer. 
James Jaeger 
P.S. If you missed the 60-Minutes show, you may be able to get it on the Net. If not, watch the doc called HEAVY WATERGATE at 
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