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Can We Stop the Bleeding?
Jim Kirwan
Obama has described the need for "skin in the game" from everyone participating in their form of "the Recovery". But Barack & Company still maintain that we are in a recession and not the literal Depression that is affecting two-thirds of the nation's work force.
Back in the Cheney-Bush era the government accepted the fact that 'to stay even' the economy needs to add 250,000 jobs per month. But since Obama began behaving as the Decider, back in December, the 'economy' has been losing at least 500,000 jobs a month; which forms the largest portion of the 5.1 million jobs that we have lost since December of 2007. In January alone, of this year, the jobs-lost figure had to be revised upward to 741,600 from the much lower figure cited at the time.
Obama began with the idea that by using the FED and the Treasury he could begin a process that would create 2.5 million jobs: However apparently his government did not include the additional losses that are now just beginning to pour in, which will make whatever is created look like a drop of water in the ocean, compared to what will be needed by the end of three and half years of their "management" of our lives and our businesses. The public does not just have "skin in the game" we have blood spattered on all the walls of every action these pirates propose. At this rate, 'going forward' as the administration demands that we do; we should conservatively lose up to another 20 million jobs, or more, by the end of this year alone.
Add to this the fact that the US is no longer an industrial nation. The businesses that the government is claiming are ours; are actually in business overseas and do not pay taxes to the US, nor do they employ Americans-yet the government counts them as part of the Gross National Product of the nation, which is a lie. The US is a services oriented, tourist economy, that makes very little; however we "service" a lot of things, create a huge amount of waste (garbage is our largest export), and beyond that we have made very little difference to the business or the industrial world, beyond our borders, aside from the raw materials that we do export for others to process and to turn into the garbage products that our consumers buy.
One way to understand this is that American workers now make up only 29% of the IBM workforce, in America. IBM just cut another 5,000 US workers while expanding the company's plants and workforce overseas.
GM has also been expanding their operations outside this country, while they have been trying to get the government to bail them out here. These are two excellent examples of just how the New World Order works-because the workforce here that built both of these essentially American companies, has had no say in any of the decisions made by the corporate management of either corporation that has chosen to dump their American workforces in favor of more lucrative locations outside the United States.
In brief American workers are being thrown to the wolves for obscene profits that having no restrictions, plus what paying slave wages ads, to the corporate bottom line of both corporations. There is nothing in any of Obamanation's "fixes" that even remotely addresses these kinds of crimes against the American work force. Because of this failure-to-consider the whole picture; when jobs and or survival are on the table: It is clear that the jobs picture in the US will continue its race to the bottom with the full blessing and assistance of the Obama Dream Team that are all traitors, and are responsible, for the creation of the entire Meltdown in every detail.
On the flip side, where theorethetical profits are concerned, an entirely other answer is emerging: "This graph explains nothing, but it does show that General Motors and Chrysler are not the problem. It's the financial leadership of the global economy that national governments around the world should force to resign. New currencies with new backings are just the same old game played again with a fresh deck of cards. Gold will not change things.
The game was played with gold counters for centuries. What is needed is Social Credit, the realization that credit is public utility. Remember, the international bankers are totally unregulated. There is not one regulation or law in the United States restricting the borrowing of money from international bankers. That tells you where the real power lies in American politics." Please see the graph (1)
Watching people try to figure out what happened to their lives is like watching a blood-bath in slow-motion, as person after person tries to stop the bleeding by giving up more and more of what was their life, until there will be nothing left to give.
This Obamanistic road-show, brought to you by the New World Order and the Illuminati is meant to keep people occupied just long enough to drain them of their vital fluids (and all their money); just as a spider does when it wraps its victims in its silk, to await that moment when the Spider shall decide to consume each victim, one by one!
There really is no choice here people, not if you want to live in a world where you are not a complete slave. Here's a glimpse of Washington D.C. in 2012: Does this look like what your rulers say they have planned for you?
1) Trace Meyer's Diagram -The Great Credit Contraction
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