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Ahmadinejad - Israel Is
A Racist Country

"Israel Is A Racist Country" - Ahmadinejad
YES - and what he said is and was true, on all counts. The fact that the 'Western representatives' chose not to challenge or debate the issues, proves conclusively that the Iranian president was obviously correct in his allegations. The cowards that walked out of that meeting need to be found and interviewed on international media; so that the world can judge for themselves just how many count themselves above the law and beyond all the norms required to live in the international community of nations. The accident of birth can never be the sole deciding factor for anyone being automatically placed above all other people on this planet: The fact that Israel was established by a totally racist ideology needs to be openly and fully discussed in a globally accessible forum for all to hear an comment on.
The fact that the US, Israel and their partners in this global grab for racist superiority over the rest of the world is at the core of all the various bloodbaths that the Middle-East is now trying to live through. The only thing that is absolutely clear is that these problems cannot have a military solution: therefore we must meet with everyone that lives in these countries and find a way to settle this question diplomatically, once and for all. Sixty years of this hell-on-earth, is far too long, it must end before another year passes.  - Jim Kirwan
See the speech...here
Ahmadinejad - Israel Is A Racist Country - Vid
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