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Advantame - A New And As
Yet Unknown Biochemical Threat 

From Stephen Fox 
"CHICAGO - Ajinomoto Company Inc., the leading global supplier of proven neurotoxic and carcinogenic aspartame as well as the equally destructive monosodium glutamate, has applied to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval ofanother biochemical monstrosity of to-the-public-unknown constitution, called Advantame, what they call "an innovative sweetener for use in foods and beverages." 
My educated-but-still-layman's guess is that is is some mixture of aspartame and neotame, yet another deadly concoction and witch's brew.
Ajinomoto was dumb enough to sue ASDA/Walmart for merely saying that Aspartame was "nasty" enough for them to get rid of it from their stores. 
see also:
Ainomoto says: "Advantame has a sweet, clean sugar-like taste. Because it is much sweeter than most low and non-calorie sweeteners currently available, it is anticipated to be ! a top candidate for food and beverage formulations." 
Their 'sweet' nonsensical puff piece of a press release goes on to say, as if they cared about anything but profits for their company, that "heightened attention to the importance of healthy body weight has significantly increased demand for ingredients that deliver a good, sweet taste without adding extra calories." 
This blatant misrepresentation goes on in pristine Public Relations glowing terms: "We are all very excited about Advantame. The clean sugar-like taste means that it blends very well with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, providing food and drink companies with an alternative that has both nutritional and environmental advantages. Equally, Advantame can be used very successfully by product formulators in the sweetening systems of low calorie and no calorie products," said Brendan Naulty, President of Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC.  Ajinomoto has spent almost ten years in researching and developing the next generation of non-caloric sweeteners. Advantame is the first of these new sweetners the company intends to introduce to the market in the next few years. The Japanese food and amino acid giant is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
For more about Ajinomoto, please read these articles, more accurate than their latest press release nonsense:
2. New Mexico Senate President Sides with Artificial Sweetener Maker "Ajinomoto"
3. Heroic NM Senator Fights Aspartame Machine
So...another biochemical nightmare from Ajinomoto, the world's largest maker of aspartame and monosodium glutamate; this time, they are asking for FDA
approval; write to Obama's FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, M.D., and ask her to not only turn them down, but rescind approval for aspartame; put an
end to neurotoxic food additives causing dozens of illnesses that go undiagnosed accurately.
This is Dr. Margaret Hamburg's mailing address:
The Honorable Margaret Hamburg, M.D.
FDA Commissioner, 5400 Fisher's Trail, Rockville, Maryland
If you were to ask them to do so, I believe your Senator and your Congressman
and your state's Governor could also ask Dr. Hamburg to turn this monstrosity
down and to further rescind the approval for aspartame.
- Stephen Fox
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