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Internally Displaced Afghans
& Imminent Death

Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD

As always, Afghans have to pay with their lives for some body else's "democracy" aimed at making the powerful in Washington DC even richer. So it is not unusual to see Afghan families forced to abandon their villages and run for their lives. They salvage only the cloths on their back along with whoever remained alive and bury the ones killed by these arrogant enforcers of "democracy".


So, the following story is typical of Pashtun families in Afghan villages that are victimized by the indiscriminate bombing of US, had to pay with their lives before getting to so called safety of Kabul. Large number of families from Helmand province embarked on a journey to the vicinity of Kabul after losing many family members to the US bombing in their respective villages. They used their meager resources to pay for their trip and acquire some thick fabric and plastic to serve as makeshift tents. After they arrived and settled in an open field with no possession of their own, no drinking water and nothing to keep them warm, they encountered disaster on the first night in their new enclave. Over night, five children ages, two to five lost their lives due to cold and hunger. The children had nothing to eat for two days. Once extremely cold weather added to their desperate situation the children succumbed to the inhospitable conditions and lost their previous lives.  


This trend of death and misery continued after half of the land upon which they build this makeshift camp became a graveyard for young children. During the winter, lack of clothing, shoes and blankets results in death of children and elderly. Since the children do not have shoes, mothers use left over fabric and rap it around their feet. However, when it is freezing cold, the children get frostbites. Since there is no medical care, they had to face death and misery on daily basis. Tragically, their children had to pay with their lives for the criminal enterprise in Washington DC.


These families had simple livelihoods in their village but their children were not dying from cold and hunger. However, due to the indiscriminate bombing by the US military and NATO, these families face imminent starvation, extreme cold and unsanitary conditions that cost them their children and elderly every day.


I wish to transport these families from the cold area to a warmer region in the country and provide them with tents and some other basic needs.


If any one interested to save the otherwise cheap life of an Afghan child, please donate at the following link: www.Afghanistanafterdemocracy.com or you may contact me at the following email: mdmiraki@ameritech.net





Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD

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