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MRSA Found
INSIDE A Knee Joint
By Ted Twietmeyer
We lost a relative to MRSA several years ago. A colony of the bacteria was eventually found to be present on the very heart valve recently replaced. The infection took place in the operating room. A defibrillating pacemaker which was also recently installed would not the let the patient die, as he suffered for weeks on end. I told his wife to just have the doctor program the pacer to the off state. She and the patient discussed it, and after weeks of agony from the ravages of MRSA they did so. The man suffered and gasped for air for 12 more hours before dying, after oxygen was removed. MRSA had also invaded the lungs as fluid was filling them.
His wife was told by lawyers there was no way to get any compensation or damages from malpractice.
Now another relative with a grinding knee joint problem (osteoarthritis) has just learned they have a MRSA infection. This infection was confirmed during recent laprascopic surgery to remove bone spurs. Quite possibly this infection may have originated from contaminated cortizone, a contaminated needle or improper injection site sterilization. A simple brush of a sterilized needle against a shirt sleeve, pillow, sheet or blanket can be enough to cause an infection. Cortizone had been used to provide temporary pain relief in recent weeks. Whether or not this patient will survive is unknown.
Both patients were in the same American capitol city which has some of the most modern medical equipment and procedures. It's noteworthy to point out that on the outside of the knee there was no visible sign of infection. This appears to rule out a MRSA skin infection that worked it's way into the knee joint. Now this patient must endure 6 weeks of IV antibiotics with the hope the infection will be destroyed. Apparently with MRSA, either you succeed in fighting it off, lose a limb, or...the end comes within weeks. There is no other outcome.
When a medical professional approaches any patient with any kind of needle, they must be watched carefully to make sure no shortcuts are used or sterilzation mistakes are made. Lawyers are like police officers - they only show up AFTER the damage is done, not before. Patients must educate themselves to what proper procedures are, and realize they are responsible for protecting themselves. To nurses and doctors, every patient is essentially just another face in the crowd.
All above information is based on actual life experiences, medical procedures and outcomes, and experiences with the medical professionals.
No information provided is meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This article was not written by a doctor.  Always seek out professional medical help as required.
Ted Twietmeyer
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