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US Import Alert
On China Foods
Melamine Contamination Update

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff - I have a question. How does the average American, such as myself, KNOW which foods contain any milk or milk products from China? How are we supposed to know which companies use such imported products in the product they produce?
Next Question: When is the US going to STOP importing food stuffs from China?
Let's see if I can answer both questions.
#1 - We don't know.
and #2 - Never!
I have been hearing a lot about 'Change' these days, so how about 'Change' regarding food imports in the form of produce, meat and ingredient imports such as milk and milk products from China.
Time to take China off our dinner plates.
US Import Alert On China Food
By Jonathan Beale BBC News (Edited)
US authorities have issued a nationwide "import alert" for Chinese-made food products in the wake of the melamine contamination scandal. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had already issued an alert warning Americans not to consume Chinese products containing milk. Thousands of Chinese have been poisoned this year.
The latest alert goes beyond dairy products to such items as drinks, sweets, and baby and pet food. It also allows US inspectors to seize any Chinese products suspected of being contaminated.
Safety issues
The earlier restrictions were put in place on diary products after 4 Chinese children died from kidney failure and thousands more people fell ill after consuming dairy products laced with melamine, which is normally used in making plastics and fertiliser.
The FDA has now added more than a dozen other goods imported from China, including biscuits, instant coffee and tea products.
In addition, US officials will be travelling to China next week for consultations with the Chinese about safety issues. The FDA is also planning to open three new offices in China to check products intended for the US market.
US Issues Melamine Alert On All Chinese Made Food Products
(AFP) -- US authorities Thursday (13 Nov 2008) issued a nationwide "import alert" for Chinese-made food products for possible melamine contamination and warned against consuming several products from China including infant formula. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had an alert in place since 10 Oct 2008 for specific imports containing milk but that new data indicated that "a countrywide import alert is warranted."
The FDA said it would test "a range of protein-containing products beyond just dairy and dairy-containing products" for contamination and would "take appropriate regulatory action" if needed. The import alert covers a range of products including beverages, candy, baby food and pet foods. It allows inspectors to seize any products suspected of being contaminated.
At the same time, the FDA warned against consuming an infant formula manufactured in China as well as more than a dozen products including biscuit, instant coffee and tea products.
At least 4 children have died of kidney failure and 53 000 have fallen ill in China this year after drinking milk or consuming dairy products laced with melamine, which is usually used in making plastics and fertilizers. The dairy scandal has expanded worldwide with several governments recalling or banning Chinese products with milk content.
In a related matter, the US government said FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach and Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt will travel to China next week "for consultations with their Chinese counterparts" on safety issues and to open 3 new FDA offices in China.
The visit is "part of an ongoing strategy to address the food safety issues in both countries and to share ideas to address global food safety," a statement from Leavitt's office said.
"This will include a discussion of the recent outbreak of foodborne illness in the United States related to fresh produce as well as the melamine contamination of dairy products in China," the statement said.
Communicated by ProMED-mail Rapporteur Mary Marshall
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin,
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