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Hearst News Bans Rense
Hearst Ban Confirms Rense.com As
World's Premier Independent News Service
Yes, it's true.  That towering guardian of the people's right to know, the legendary Hearst News Media Empire has prohibited its employees from accessing Rense.com because, as Hearst states in the screen capture below, Rense.com is 'EXTREME'...whatever that means. This raw, unabashed, fascist censorship is indicative of a corporation under Zionist dominance and not serving the will or the interests of the people.
Since the late 1990s, Rense.com has presented news and information from around the world - REAL news - NOT the manipulated, spayed, neutered, sanitized, spun, contrived, Zionized, politically-correct brainwashing, social engineering and mind control drivel from the Hearst machine and the other owned and controlled main stream media engines of propaganda.
Here's the actual page that comes up for journalists and employees at Hearst-owned radio and television stations, and newspapers who try to read the REAL news at Rense...
This kind of Fascist, totalitarian repression of the First Amendment is what's in store for more and more of America...and the world...and is an indicator of the constantly growing loss of our Liberty and the right to inquiry.  The Hearst Corporation is, of course, one of the key MSM agents of the NWO CFR Zionist Globalist drive toward complete subjugation of our now beseiged Republic.
What so threatens the billion dollar Hearst Empire that it labels one of the world's most senior and respected independent news services (which far outdraws most Hearst properties on the net) 'EXTREME' and therefore unfit, too threatening and too dangerous for its employees to be allowed to read?  In a word it is our coverage of Zionism...and its overwhelming influence on America. Rense.com is also devoutly anti-war and criticizes the ongoing American genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan which totals between 2-3 million human beings to date.  Further, we report on the heinous Zionist Israeli brutality and genocide of the Palestinian people.
Hearst has forgotten that America was founded upon the inviolate bedrock of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. 
Who at Hearst determines what is considered 'EXTREME'?  What are the Hearst guidelines that define 'EXTREME'? And why should 'EXTREME' views not be heard and considered?
The Hearst Corporation is clearly afraid of the truth and honest journalism at Rense.com which is, historically, the reporting and presenting of the full spectrum of news and information to the public which is thereby encouraged to make its own decisions of what to believe or to reject.
First, the US State Department names Rense the world's number one source of 'misinformation' and now the Hearst Corporation bans Rense outright. We also have been informed that many US Military bases ban Rense as do...you're not gonna believe this...some US libraries. We also hear that France bans the site in several areas. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that fading Mideast Disneyland, Dubai, is also afraid of Rense.com content and has banned the site, as well.  Here's the actual page in Dubai announcing the ban...
With this kind of growing censorship, and the approaching passage and signing of America's first Federal 'Anti-Hate' Laws, your God-given and Constitutionally-guaranteed RIGHT to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and your basic Right To Know will be obliterated.
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