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Full Fathom Five

Jim Kirwan
In this segment of the 1994 painting, Full Fathom Five, most of the current "major powers" can be symbolically seen five fathoms down, as part of the ruins they shall soon become. From the cities on top to the archeological ruins of the past (now reburied); from the Great Wall of China, to the middle-ground of Washington that sits atop the Parthenon, behind the dome of Hagia Sophia supported by a black papal column and by a barren stone remnant from so many other religions that have vanished into history. This relic that commemorates the clash of various religions is constraining the rise of that 'Sun' that was once the core of all religions. Below this and to the left a structural-symbol of ancient Russia, and Russian Orthodoxy; just above the shadows that hold the shell of the Opera House of Sidney: All of this is only a small portion of what will soon find its way down to those depths that are reserved for failed empires and ruined worlds.
What happened? For the last two-hundred and thirty years we have been meddling with the natural order of the planet, under the illusion that money alone has power; and that when hoarded and controlled 'money' can actually attain complete control over everything. This was the most outrageous lie of all, because it assumes an inherent power by some, over the lives and fortunes of the vast majority of all the people of the earth. And these would be dictators actually believed their own PR: which is what is behind the current meltdown of the whole damned thing!
The conceit behind these Illusions amounts to a near-total fantasy: They are delusions created by and for the New World Order that are founded upon some very simple but totally impossible theories. The first is that everything can and shall go "up" forever-when anyone that's lived knows that this is madness. The second is that greed and fear, in various combinations, can trump the rest of life entirely-a total fiction-when studied or challenged by any unbiased analysis. And yet they have been 'having their way with us' for two-hundred and thirty years so far, since 1838!
In all that time this country has passed through all the phases of any democracy; to arrive at this collapse-the final phase of any failed empire.
What we have lived through; whether we have chosen to see it or not, has been nothing sort of cataclysmic.
Yet through that much-hated rear-view mirror (of history) we have to know that nothing can ever change until the crimes of at least the last decade are finally faced and answered with the punishments and consequences they so richly deserve. This newly-minted administration that is trying to get it's act together in the wings, has not a hope-in-hell of "fixing" anything as they are composing themselves once more, with the repeatedly flawed and criminally-tolerant pawns from the previous attempts to complete the farce of this global takedown-without a backward glanced at what exactly it was that brought us all to this edge of oblivion.
Just sixteen days into this twilight zone, and it is clear that Obama's theoretical bombshell of 'change' will not only not explode: It will continue the charade and attempt to finalize that worn-out global-chess-board that Brzezinski keeps dragging around as if 'this time it might actually amount to something more' than his own twisted dreams of raw-unchallenged-power, on a global scale. But this too is OVER, once and for all dead: It is our task to bury this stinking corpse before it makes the entire world unbearable.
How was this possible? It began by believing that money could control everything. Then it went further by trying to corner, not just the upper-echelon of profits but all the profits from everyone involved, including those that make what they needed to sell, in order to create this problem. This became class-warfare and amounted to the first assault upon the global balance. That took much longer than they thought it would, and its still not finished thanks to those in other countries that have put their own lives on the line to prevent this scheme from conquering them.
The USA was easy. We allowed the unions to first become corrupted, and then we let them die and thereby assured that working stiffs would not, could not, share in the profits of their labor-and on top of that-the owners are now stealing everything else that life is made of. That would be your retirement savings, your 401k's and probably under Obama your social security money as well-all for your own good of course.
Cheney-Bush was all about taking things away from us. Obama will be all about forcing us to buy-in: Buy into mandatory medical insurance, to mandatory community services, mandatory vaccinations, to another national military draft; virtually to anything and everything that continues to reduce our rights and frustrates our ability to run or control our own lives-and Barack will begin to do all of this without so much as a second's thought for the hundreds of global-crimes that created the impetus which brought him into the nation's highest public office; not to mention the millions that have died under the aggressions we have launched over the last eight years/ And this is the guy that this nation just can't get enough of? There has to another word, miles below "stupid" to describe the people that would do this on purpose!
The Anatomy of Their Game: It took a very long time to dissolve the nation-states and turn them into parts of a one-world conglomerate that serves only them, but by 1975 that task had been completed: "You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and Democracy: There is no America, there is no Democracy- there is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, DOW, Union Carbide, and Exxon: those ARE the nations of the world today!
What do you think the Russians talk about in their counsels of state-Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, their statistical decision theories, mini ~ solutions and compute the price-cost probabilities of their investments and transactions, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations; inexorably determined by the immutable by-laws of business the world is a business Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of slime." (1)
The continuing problem we're having now came about with the advent of the computer which allows far greater movement of money and goods than was ever possible before. This also allowed for the creation of "just-in-time" marketing of everything from big- ticket items to baby food, in virtually every area of commerce and industry. The downside for the Corporate Privateers was and is the vulnerabilities that threaten profits, if even one link in that international chain breaks down.
In a lame effort to address the international problem of greed by too many of the world's institutions that leaped into the toxic financials markets the G-20 recently met to discuss what ought to be done: Their only significant response was that they refused to look-back at the real causes for this coming crescendo of financial losses worldwide ­ "And so it goes" (2)
Consequently the current unrest with the potentially massive amounts of uncompensated-unemployment will be the first tipping- point in their demise: unless in the next 48 hours the Congress actually looks again at the numbers and does "something."
Why is Congress going to take a two month vacation now-anyway- isn't keeping the nation afloat one of the core reasons for having a congress in the first place? One can only assume that this dream- schedule was made when everything was always going UP. Now that everything is going DOWN, the idea that congress is going off to play is no different than the auto-exec's flying to Washington on three separate and very private corporate jets just to beg for more of the public's hard-earned money! And in a similar vein Bush just discovered that six million people will lose their unemployment money by the end of the year if these payments are not extended- the Bushwhacker may actually post-pone his next few drinks to ponder this: but the outcome of this presidential action is not yet conclusive. Maybe the continuing meltdown on the global markets might actually motivate our Dead Duck Dictator into action-but don't count on it-he has his "pride" you know?
In the Final Analysis: Since it is a proven fact of history that nothing goes up forever, and that there will always be resistance to anything (equal and opposite reactions for every action taken) ­ this 'game' being brought to us by the New World Order is about to reach an end that even they didn't see coming. They have played with fire and challenged the devil-winds of consequences for at least a hundred years and counting: They have used and abused every human system on the planet in furtherance of their every twisted thought or idle dream of total conquest. If anything they have launched way too many balls into the fetid air of this planet which they have poisoned, and now too many of their plans have reached their use-by dates in unison, so that even these owners of so much, might begin to feel the very real world when it reacts to what they've tried to do to it and "us."
This has happened before so many times that it is difficult to count-but never on this truly world-wide scale: where the cost in human life alone will shame the universe. We requested this set of songs, and we danced to them for such a long time: Now the piper and his masters must be paid in both blood and treasure. Yet it appears that there is not enough of either in this world to liquidate this particular debt. "Interesting Times" have indeed arrived America - but hardly anyone is ready!
1) Network ­ Money Speech
2) Statement From G-20 Summit: In English
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