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What The Obama
Admin Really Represents

By Benjamin Fulford
A lot of people who hoped the election of Barak Obama meant "change" were severely disappointed at his hiring of vast numbers of Clinton administration retreads. However, the Obama administration really does represent "change;" only this change has taken place within the US secret government, according to senior sources in the Japanese secret government. What has happened is that the Rothschild faction that backed Al Gore and his global warming lie has made an alliance with the Rockefellers against the Bush Skull and Bones/ Knights Templar/Thule society faction of satanists. Another way of putting it is the followers of the tradition of Abraham have taken a stance against the followers of the tradition of Nimrod.
This should be good news for Americans and the rest of the world even though many would prefer that there be no secret government at all. It means a planned genocide has been stopped and instead we now have a real chance at world peace and the beginning of an era of unprecedented prosperity.
When George Scherff (known to us as George Bush Senior), the new Fuhrer, took over the US in the 1980's, plans resurrect the Third Reich and carry out Hitler's plan for genocide on an unprecedented scale began to be implemented. These plans are well known to those of us who have escaped the mind-slavery of the illuminati rulers. The Nazis wanted to reduce the world population to as low as 500 million people and enslave the majority of the survivors in order to ensure a "middle class lifestyle in harmony with nature" for the mostly "Aryan" survivors. The plans included artificially created diseases, starvation and a fake Armageddon known as Project Bluebeam. This, the new leading clique promises, has been cancelled.
The Obama regime will, however, retain many characteristics of the Nazi and Japanese Imperial regimes along with a Roosevelt type approach. All of these regimes ended the depression by means of massive public works. In the case of Germany the original approach, such as building the Autobahn, was a boon to the average German and Hitler became wildly popular until his crazy vision drove Germany into a ruinous war. The Japanese case was similar. Only Roosevelt tried massive development without a huge military build-up.
The general mobilization of all U.S. military veterans is designed to help kick-start a similar campaign to get the US back on a fast growth track after it goes bankrupt some time during the first half of next year. We can see this from the fact Obama has already announced a massive public works program as well as heavy investment in new energy technology. In addition, Jay Rockefeller, the new head of the Rockefeller clan (with uncle David still taking an active advisory role) also plans a massive space development campaign designed to keep the military industrial machine humming on a more peaceful note.
The more important point to remember is that global leadership is now in the hands of the G-20: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The European Union is also a member, represented by the rotating Council presidency and the European Central Bank. This group is implementing an unprecedented campaign to change the direction this planet has been moving in.
There are many details still to be worked out though. There is still no agreement on what new currency or basket of currencies will replace the US dollar. The new head honcho of the planet, China, has allied with Brazil, Russia and India (BRIC) to push hard for a total change of global financial architecture, including a new global currency.  The US is pushing to replace the dollar with the Amero while the EU is still pushing for a stronger role for the Euro despite the split between the financially weak UK and Mediterranean countries with the more prudent Germany. It is looking likely Germany may well opt to join with the BRICs, in which case the Euro and Amero will be doomed to become regional currencies. Japan, the world's largest creditor nation with a cash pile of over $6 trillion, remains a passive observer for now but will probably eventually join the BRICs once the Americans finally bow to the inevitable.
There is also still a lot of bickering over things like the need for population control and what to do about agricultural policy and the environment.
The big question mark is what sort of "artificially generated crisis" we can expect in January. My personal secret hope is that the G20 leaders will carry out the world's biggest ever inside job and create a fake Armageddon in order to prepare the people of the world psychologically for an entirely new age (not the 230-year old "New" world order).
There is still a powerful faction that wants all out war in order to preserve Anglo-European hegemony but they are unlikely to prevail this time. Although the U.S. military industrial complex wants to upgrade the war in Afghanistan, the fact that both Pakistan and the US are bankrupt means that both sides of this artificially generated war means they cannot afford to continue it.
The idea of a war against a big nation like China, which the militarist Nazi faction is still pushing for, will also not work because all war planning scenarios and war games show the result would be a disastrous defeat for the US. The best case scenario for US war planners would be destruction of the Northern hemisphere and that is not a tempting outcome to say the least.
No matter what, though, serious turbulence lies ahead as we witness the ongoing death-throes of the Anglo-American financial system. However, there can be no doubt a magnificent phoenix will arise from the ashes of the now defunct 230-year old "new world order." These are truly historical times.
Benjamin Fulford
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