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Time We Start Seeing
Ourselves Differently

By Dick Eastman
A nationalistic program of social credit could end this depression in 3 months. It would require debt repudiation and therefore the loss of all credit from the International Credit monopoly. The National credit would have to replace it. We would have to find a way to feed ourselves without imports, through emergency measures.
We would pioneer a global revolution by our example, as did the American revolution of 1776. But it would be for the first time that the American republic had gotten out from under international finance. And it would be the first time that we were all working together without tricksters playing us one against the other.
Even with all of the resources that have been torn from our land and sent to China, we still have the means of self-sufficiency and an amazing and wonderful future that that once dreamed of fifty years ago. Men are not merely eaters, unless they are kept in prisons. And we have been in a continental debtors prison far too long. We have forgotten what the free human spirit which owns some land and capital and is not enslaved to debt and taxes is capable of.
A few international bankers are bringing the human race to destitution and slavery in order to make themseves gods -- and only you and I -- yes the people who are so used to merely watching and commenting on world events -- ar ethe only ones who can do the job.
January 11, 2009
Worldwide Shipping contracts fall by 93%.
Shipping contracts fall by 93%. Goods, raw materials, and food are no longer moving. That spells bad news for countries, such as the U.S., that heavily depend on imports, including food. Reality Zone advice. Governments will beg of the Rothschilds for whatever harsh measures they ask for. We will have to come up with a better plan and carry it out ourselves against the money power and their yes- men agents of coercion.
It's time you begin seeing yourself differently.
Populist Nationalist Social Credit Brotherhood of American Citizen Peacemakers of All Races and Creeds -- This is our Common Ground!!!
There is one sure way to stop this depression and get the good old future back.
Current Fed Reserve monetary measures have no control of velocity, no chance of ending this depression What will?
Martin Armstrong inventer of perfect international market event control now being used against us.
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"Your country needs you, Buck."
Esto está para el bueno todos nosotros, mis hermanos.
Cada hombre es responsable a cada otro hombre.
There's only one kind of change I'm looking for.
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