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The Die-Off Has
Started - It's The Sun

By George Paxinos
Every 63-odd million years or so, a massive species die-off seems to characterise the biological record of our planet.
Many postulates have been put forward for the reasons this happens, comet strikes, Earth's orbit passing through the plane of the Galactic Ecliptic and encountering denser cosmic dust concentrations, etc.
But what about regular process cycles within our Primary, Sol, our Sun?
The latest sunspot cycle seems to have got off to a bad start, the sunspots not appearing when they ought to and the end of the last cycle marked by higher than usual activity.
One can go into erudite "scientific" explanations of what is allegedly being observed by instruments costing millions or even billions of dollars, run exclusively by heavy-reputation "scientists" who like to assure us that "Chemtrailing" is only a figment of our imaginations and UFOs very simply explained by light from the Planet Venus Refracted through an Inversion Layer of Swamp Gas Leaking from a Weather Balloon.
If you believe that, then you are too dumb to live, incapable of locating your own behind with your own two hands, a spotlight, a full-length mirror and a road-map.
One can find greater truth simply from daily observation, such as the fact that whereas ten to fifteen years ago, Sunscreen Creams and Oils came in Factors ranging from two to six, with some running as high as fifteen or even twenty, but today they tend to start around the former high range and go all the way up into the hundreds.
And how many of those arrogantly and pompously-inflated, unbounded proctalities calling themselves "scientists" would ever even stop to observe the smallest things in Nature, say the plight of poor Earthworms, struggling under Nature's Mandate to dig the earth and aereate it so that crops may grow (without worms, many plants would not grow and we might all starve), crossing man-made obstacles such as streets and sidewalks foreign to their natural world, and stoop to help a struggling little creature across the way into the patch of grass it is striving for?
Keeping one's eyes on the skies and the planets and the stars, yet ignoring the plight of the smallest of our fellow-creatures, yea, even the humble Earthworm, is to ignore the fact of our Unity in Life, that even our tiniest brethren in Life have an irreplaceable part to play in this great Play of Life.
So, I tend to do just that : To the aggrieved annoyance and in the case of friends, the acute em-bare-ass-ment of most of my anal-retentive fellow humans, *I* stop on the street when I see a worm on a pavement, have been known to step into the road and halt traffic, and help Little Brother or Sister, Worm or Bug or Snail or Slug, across to a better life in a nice patch of Life-giving vegetation, while waiting drivers then put pedal-to-metal and lay rubber, scowl or swear at me or gesture that their super-horsepower car's progress has been delayed for 23.1618034 seconds or whatever -- CARDINAL SIN! -- and also fire off some examples of compassionate four-letter human gestures... 
Around here, the Earthworms seem to have vanished. The trend was began around three years ago. And now, when it rains, instead of seeing hundreds of them on sidewalks and roads, they are nowhere to be found. If you do happen to run across one, it is generally near a lush garden out of which it has crawled to avoid drowning after a very heavy rain.
I asked a local Swiss farmer I know, and he confirmed this, even going so far as to measure the depth at which he found them the next time he dug a ditch, saying they were first found around 80 cm down, or around 32 inches.
I asked a friend in South Africa, who knows many farmers. Their reports were not as precise as our world-renowned Swiss Precision and returned uniform answers of "very deep". On the other hand, in some areas here in Switzerland, worms appear in gardens superficially, especially under a certain kind of bush in a friend's garden (!).
Then I heard that in Britain, something like 85% or Sparrows seem to have died off or moved to other climes. So I started looking for the swarms of sparrows around here that used to be so ubiquitous in their loveable rowdiness -- and almost all were gone.
I feed wild birds in winter, and our Blackbirds, who fly around warbling and begging, even landing on balconies in search of food when snow-cover is heavy, had also mostly gone. Even the many Magpies, at least some of which would hang around most of the winter, have now either departed, or died off. They are simply GONE.
Could this be purely due to the lack of earthworms? As worms are underground in winter, and birds seemed to do all right up until now, it could not be that -- so it must be something else.
An aberrant Solar Output seemed to be in the doings since around 2002, when I noticed that on my usual Summer strolls, done on hot afternoons wearing t-shirt, shorts and sandals and along shaded forest paths to avoid horse-flies, which seemed to prefer brilliant sunshine and shun the shade, something radical had become inverted : in the shade, my exposed flesh was attacked by swarms of the critters and I had to run like crazy for the unusually hot, hot sunshine to get out of their reach! Something strange was indeed happening! -- horseflies were avoiding the sun!
Now it was rumoured that Edward Teller, father of the US H-Bomb, had invented the Chemtrailing of our skies to increase Terran albedo and reflect sunlight back into space because the sun was increasing its output, that Global Warming was mainly due to Solar Processes.
Think about it : to reduce Global Warming and also perhaps to keep a mainly unobservant public ignorant and quiet, the grossly and blatantly obvious trails that run together to create a white-out of beautifully blue skies these days and thwart taking nice landscape pictures, might have a good purpose behind them?
But, as independent tests have shown, this valid use is being subverted by the canny Elite to also disperse, among other things, microorganisms much like those found in Morgellons pathologies, see my old article on Rense.com :
The End of the World
Or...After the Horse Has Gone
So, does the Elite know we are heading for the Last Roundup species-wise, as we are now slightly overdue for another Mass Extinction?
Is it keeping us as dumbed-down as possible about increasing Solar Output by laying down Chemtrailing, so we do not notice how vicious the Sun is becoming?
And is it deliberately priming us with debilitating diseases so that the fewest of us and the most of them will survive after Old Sol zaps us terminally, as in some prophecies, that the end of this World Cycle will come about by Fire From the Sky?
Perhaps that is why they are ripping off the public in every way they can, to enrich themselves while they can, so as to build their underground hideaways?
They are acting as though they will never be apprehended or punished.
They are acting like there will be no 'tomorrow.'
Perhaps -- for us -- there won't be.

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