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Dubai The New Switzerland
For The Elite

Exclusive to Rense.com
In the last two days, two separate people have engaged me in separate conversations without my inducing them to do so.
One was a visiting Swiss national. The other a Pakistani American dentist. The conversations got so hot I purposely did not ask their names, and nor did they ask mine.
Both were in Dubai to respectively move assets out of the USA and Europe. They both independently said they're getting very bad feelings as to what is happening globally. Neither really new about the globalists or the New World Order agenda, but knew of the coming important role of Dubai for the wealthy of the world.
To me, they seemed to be just two shrewd people who trust their gut feelings.  When I told them what is going down with the globalist financial agenda and the unfolding NWO, they needed no convincing.  It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle came together for them. Their eyes were wide open saying "I knew it, I knew it......."  Interestingly, the response was the same from both of them.he same response from both.
I know a Dubai lawyer who tells me their firm is being contacted daily by people from the US and elsewhere wanting desperately to get out of their home countries.
The Dentist said he'd been to French banks but they asked 'too many questions' once they found out he is an American. They were spooked. They told him to go to Dubai.
Dubai has no taxes and there is total freedom of funds movement.
The word amongst the real estate locals is that low level Russian Oligarchs have been laundering money in the Dubai property market. Russian prostitutes are all over the town. Lord Rothschild was here last month with Gordon Brown for meetings with banking authorities under the cover of global crisis financial talks.
The World Bank has pumped $250 billion in loans into the Dubai. Why?  The main gold and silver trading exchange is soon tipped to move from the COMEX to the local Dubai exchange currently being set up.
The Emire of Dubai has said he doesn't want a middle class. They can all leave. He only wants monied elites. He made this statement in a BBC interview. They locals are fully aware of his plan.
The first wave of property flippers are being cleaned out. They have served their purpose. The provided cover for the crazy initial construction phase of Dubai.
CNN is here. A huge building. As usual, I expect it's an intel base station for the usual spooks.
Legal firms in the city are currently writing global banking laws for a Free Trade banking zone being established here. These new laws are based on City of London banking codices. I met some lawyers who are writing them. They know what is going down.
A flood of UK banking and legal type wealth managers are moving here from the City of London. Why? We know what is happening with lay offs in the UK, but why Dubai?  Take a guess?
The more I see, the more I can see the global elites are going to use Dubai as their Switzerland.
As you know, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are currently under pressure from the EU. CNBC ran a story this week reporting these two former money stashing locals for world elites are being pressured by Brussels to loosen their secrecy laws. They don't want  both the EU and the coming global taxation regimes openly undermined.
The Globalists are clearly signaling to their elite friends to move. Dubai was set up for this purpose. The globalists would not leave themselves without a replacement wealth haven. Dubai loves secrecy. There is no pesky democracy. The Emire is foreign bank-owned and knows on which side his bread is buttered.
As much as all this sounds incredible, this is the riddle which is Dubai. It's been carved out as a globalist free zone for the elite who will be residents there, but will not necessarily live there.  Halliburton are already here.
Word has it the Emire wants the Burj Dubai (worlds' tallest tower) finished asap and it may not be completed inside. I find this hard to believe as there seems no shortage of money for 'his' projects. This is in contrast to private projects, which are reported to be struggling. Condo prices have pulled back by 30%-40%. UK banks have funded much of the mortgage money here. They have reduced their LTV to 50%, so deals from the 'uncouth' Londoners are drying  up.
Hotel occupancies are currently at 33%, despite this being their peak season. Usually, it's impossible to get a quality hotel room at this time of year.
New laws decreed in August now prevent the Indian, Pakistani and Filippino workers from sharing lodgings. They must rent on their own. You can imagine the unrest this is causing.
The Emire has just cancelled residency visas for new property buyers. Very strange you would think. It's in line with his new elites only policy. I expect he'll announce the new rules shortly to attract a more wealthy resident class. 
I can confirm people are sensing the hardening of financial borders under the uncertain cloud which will be a globalized and tracked financial system. The moderately wealthy (up to $100 million) seem to roaming the world looking for safety. I'm hearing the same thing in Hong Kong and Singapore as I saw in Dubai. 
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