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Debating Semantics In
The Tower Of Babel

Jim Kirwan
The problem in what Ron Paul is saying, in the link above, is part of the same problem that killed his run for the presidency. He lost many when he failed to understand the critical crimes committed on 911 by this government in league with Israel and Britain. Because no solution to this nation's future can be credible without recognizing the fact that this nation was stolen first by the selections process, and then by overt force in the attacks of 911 on the people and the nation, which the owners used to expand their attacks on 911 to include the entire Islamic world.
In this article, written by Steve Watson, Ron Paul falls into the semantic trap that was created when the nation adopted Newspeak. Paul sites the "free market" in different ways. Paul is referring to the idealized kinds of trade that are unhindered by governments; but where the problems truly exist are in those kinds of oversight (such as on the FED, the SEC, and the Treasury) that have never existed, to protect the public from the government. Largely this remains unclear because Paul has fallen into NWO trap of trying to address intricate problems using the language & meanings of the 1950's. This could be demystified by defining two major parts of this problem.
FIRST: There is no such thing as "Free Trade." When the government uses that term they refer to the terminology in all the various trade-pacts that began with GATT and NAFTA, but which now have grown into a whole new outbreak of this disease with trade- agreements being sought all over the planet. In this respect "FREE Trade" means no responsibility for those corporations that profit, and no protections for the workers or the countries that are being absorbed by the bankers, the corporations and the Illuminati. There are also no options for redress, and no legal way to stop this international theft of the labor and the people, that have no choice at all, in how their lives are being used, abused and stolen unto death.
SECOND: Socialism is at the core of how the Corporatocracy has been able to grow beyond all bounds. The retarded in congress still protest any policy that, in their opinion, reeks of socialism - while at the same time they rubber-stamp every aspect of government socialism for corporate and banking structures that are using corporate-socialism to steal the financial world in its entirety: This is one of the main pillars that has contributed hugely to the rise of the criminal-conspiracy that now has a stranglehold on the people and the nation of the USA.
The congress itself is clearly the enemy of the people they supposedly serve, in that congress has voted unanimously time after time for the policies of the rogue state of Israel over the interests of the people and the government of the United States-so this entire quagmire is and was rotten-long before it became visible. (1)
Anyone claiming that socialism should be excluded from all government programs, must be willing to deny themselves and their corporate over-lords any such socialistic benefits: as in the Corporate-Welfare State; the US Government Bailouts of their failed businesses; and-or any tax imbalance that amounts to another socialistic gift to the corporations; as these 'breaks' are paid for by the taxes withheld from every besieged American worker.
MOREOVER: The principles of pure capitalism actually mandate "the right to fail." When this 'right' is omitted from government oversight, when reviewing what should be done: no possible solution can ever be found: Until the failed institutions are allowed to fail! Of course this would mean that those who drove these failed institutions into bankruptcy would also lose. This however is the only real solution to this problem, and credible individuals the world over know this.
So long as those institutions that failed are being "saved" with direct gifts from the people's treasury; then the "problem will only expand and cannot be corrected; these are Obamanation's current political policies & practices. Let the criminals collapse, let the institutions fail, and real enterprise can arise from the ashes, along with real jobs; but only if those responsible are also tried for their crimes and publicly punished!
The final nail in the coffin of the current push, to throw money at everything except the people most directly affected, is that there is no transparency in anything that has been done about these problems since Paulson melodramatically first announced this "problem" in 2008. The job of congress was to ensure absolute transparency and they totally failed, AGAIN.
Since then, the FED has given away $8.5 Trillion in one forty-eight hour theft alone, and is now about to add another $3 Trillion to that amount: This, while the country 'agonizes' over another public gift of $815 Billion that will come from the Treasury. None of what this 'stimulus package' will do shall have any bearing on a "recovery" because, without JOBS, there can be NO recovery. The final insult is that the working poor will get $1000 in a rebate and an additional $17,000 in debt for all the gifts that government and the FED have already given away: This pretty much sums up the relationship that government and their corporate-socialist owners have made with the public that they have now enslaved!
So here we have all these semantical debates raging over how to fix the problems created by the New World Order and the Illuminati, when in fact the truth is that these discussions are only re- arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic of Financial Implosion.
None of Obamanation's plans will ever have time to get off the ground, because the engine that drives this country (the US workforce) is largely about to become totally unemployed. Without credit or employment: there is no recovery. Without Employment there are no taxes to give away to the profligate corporations that have mostly already moved themselves offshore. Without Employment the compact between government and the citizens will vaporize - because government failed to protect the public from the criminally insane government itself. And finally even with the minimum wage crap that is what is left of the jobs market, whatever pennies are earned, are then immediately stolen back in taxes and fees that have turned a 'partnership' into financial slavery for anyone that still has "a job."
No high-profile person is advocating that the rich be allowed to fail - hence the nation will collapse while the rich will return to wherever they've established themselves overseas, to await the firesales that will happen, so that they can repeat Rothschild's theft of the Bank of England and end up owning all of whatever is left of the USA, for mere pennies on a thousand dollar bill.
The whole damned thing is crystal clear, unless of course you've been one of those self-interested 'smart' creatures that have been intent upon getting "your piece" of the falling empire ~ in which case you know about the criminality but you still believe that you too can come out "a winner." Those fools failed to see that the élites would never share their ill-gotten gains with short- sighted idiots like them. Now, because some of those that had some stocks are beginning to scream - there is at least a tiny bit of conversation going on, but it's too late now. Even the language has been stolen and America has become the Tower of Babel once again, where all the exits lead us back again and again to The Gates of Hell itself. . .
1) Khazar Empire, Illuminati and New World Order
http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/khazar-empire- illuminati-and-new-world-order/
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