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"Continuity" Died Today

Jim Kirwan
"Barring last minute changes, the nominee for Treasury Secretary will be NY Fed President Tim Geithner -- a career Treasury official under both Bob Rubin and Larry Summers -- who actually had worked at the Treasury in three administrations under five Secretaries -- going back to 1988.
Geithner has been a key player in the current economic crisis -- helping Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and his team, manage the wall street bailout.
Former Treasury Secretary Summers -- also considered for the post -- might still play a major future role in the Obama administration, according to sources. Summers came under fire from women's groups because of controversial comments he made about gender issues while President of Harvard, but sources say the decision to choose Geithner had more to do with Obama's interest in "change" and getting someone new on the team.
Also expected Monday -- an announcement that former U.N. Ambassador and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, will be Commerce Secretary." (1)
Timothy Geithner who comes to the Treasury from the presidency of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, together with Ben Bernanke, will kill any chance of removing the Federal Reserve from it's stranglehold over the US money supply.
What these latest appointments highlight is the infinitesimal existence of any real public-memory for the reputations or events in which these seriously used re-treads have already been involved with. If we are to survive this face-lift on the same old party- lines, we need to lose the 'rose-colored glasses' and try to locate what used to called our common sense and our ability to gauge serious threats based upon the track-records that these "new- comers" bring to the key positions to which they are about to ascend to.
Contrary to the parrots of mainstream news, Geithner will not bring continuity to anything: He will instead spearhead the seizure of virtually all that remains of the US Money Supply. The current crop of potential Cabinet-appointees amounts to another surge for the public-enemies of the people of this country. These appointments will mark the beginning of a new series of death-blows to the ability of the public, to ever recover from this catastrophic strike against any remaining chance for this Republic to even visit the 'Freedoms' we have already lost. This "news, given the facts, was hardly cause for the excessive over-reaction of the markets today ­ unless you remember that these are THEIR people: which means more bailouts for the criminals, and even less help for the rest of us. This could explain their undue jubilance, in the face of so much failure and defeat.
The White House has also buttressed their direct connections to Israel through two more appointments to the White House Chief of Staff's office ­ thus assuring that nothing that comes into the Office of the president will escape Israel's ever-vigilant and always deceptive in-house "eyes," lead by Rahm Emanuel. (2)
As a totality, the above means that the financial universe in this country has just put up razor wire around both the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, to keep information 'IN" and the public's prying eyes "OUT," from the point of inauguration forward: Everything that shall happen as to 'How,' 'When,' 'Where,' and 'Why' our taxpayer's money shall be allocated will remain under the very closely guarded 'SECURITY,' of the un- American variety.
"CHICAGO - President-elect Barack Obama tapped former Clinton attorney Gregory Craig as his White House counsel on Wednesday and said campaign strategist David Axelrod will join him in Washington as a senior adviser.
Craig successfully defended Bill Clinton during the president's Senate impeachment trial in 1999. Craig's clients also have included John Hinckley, who shot President Reagan in 1981, and the father of Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy at the center of an international custody dispute in 2000. During the campaign, Craig advised Obama on foreign policy and played John McCain during debate preparations.
Axelrod, a veteran political consultant based in Chicago, helped guide Obama's historic victory. A former journalist, he has been a campaign adviser to Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel, Obama's pick for White House chief of staff." USA Today
"Leadership, Vision & Clarity" are what is being promised to us, but what will get will be "Denial, Dogma & National Security" ­ instead. Oh, and we will also get to pay all the bills for this supposed makeover of the current criminal-enterprise; along with their firm REJECTION of our every need in every future crisis. Are you really willing to just "Trust these people"?
"Excess" of the globally-corrupt variety is what shall be used to drive the new version of the current system as we ride this created-fireball straight into those waiting granite walls that surround us now.
Observers in Europe are calling for 'balance.' "Global-balance must be the goal inside this global-crisis." However people around the globe will be the losers, given these additions to the coming "leadership," unless of course the herd can be rudely awakened from their euphoria, so as to stop this madness before this motley collection is sworn into office. There are just sixty-days left until power is handed over to this bunch of would-be rulers over the lives of most of us: This ought to spark a lot more questions than we've ever seen before; given the very-serious nature of what does not wait for us ahead; because "prosperity" is out and "serious poverty" will haunt 2009, because we failed to heed the words of JFK, in 1963. (3)
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2) IDF/MOSSAD Snake to Run White House http://www.rense.com/ general84/runw.htm
3) The Speech that got JFK assassinated http://heyokamagazine.com/ heyoka.20.kennedyspeech.htm
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