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What Are We Going
To Do About It?

Jim Kirwan
In response to 'BAIT & SWITCH' columen, Angela asked: "What are we going to do about it"?
There are several things that we must begin 'to do about it.' First we must recognize that we've let ourselves become "pod people" as in those creatures from the Body Snatchers, in the cult- film of the 1950's.
We have cocooned ourselves into that very tiny space that contains a cell-phone and maybe an i-pod, with little or no contact with the outside world. We used to talk before 'walk-man's' before the internet; before we began to realize that in the United States there is only one political party with two different names, but only one set of priorities. And even-before we realized that the Media is not there to give us the information that is necessary to run a democratically structured Republic: Something very primal in all of us just 'knew' that 'this can't be right'! Yet despite all of that, we stopped talking to and with each other, and that simple act might just have sealed our death warrants.
Conversation and discussion is the life-blood of any real society; but we've traded it all for some trinkets and some technological substitutes that give us nothing but 24-7 monitoring by Big Brother in virtually every aspect of what we still call "our lives."
'Who we are' is defined by what we DO. When we fail to 'do' anything then we have failed ourselves in that most basic of all requirements: our duty to ourselves and to others to assist with keeping the society alive and well-for at the end of the day we are all social animals-each of us having a distinctive self and our own private thoughts. What's missing is our willingness to keep that part of each one of us that is uniquely individual and capable of deciding things for ourselves: without the need to be instructed about every facet of our lives.
Back in the mid 1990's we let the Extreme-Left destroy our natural tendency to discriminate (to personally decide between choices based on our personal experience and our own knowledge of right and wrong). When we did that we tore down our own defenses and cleared this path for the fascist police-state that now walks this land unopposed.
"1994: "All the moves toward decency, excellence, maturity, and compassion have been made. They seem to have come to nothing. Everyone talks and nobody listens. Boneheaded vulgarians are honored for their stupidity. "
2002: Our sanctioned officials speak only of security, of terror and of war. Nothing happens except the systematic destruction of the Constitution, our personal freedoms and our way of life. Nobody talks, nobody votes, and no one wants to look at the results of those two inter-related actions. Meanwhile the Cretans global power grab proceeds apace, with new targets added weekly to the national hit list - of both countries and individuals who are now targets of American fanaticism in our maniacal drive to steal the world's resources.
1994: "Politics is an ice jam of accusation and obstruction, the hardest vulgarians honored for their cynicism, its good men fleeing to tend private gardens. Pop culture both feeds and reflects the larger society, and as evidence of collapse it is chilling."
2002 Politics has ceased to be contentious, there is no longer an organized resistance to the edicts flowing from the White House. The vulgarians once headed by Newt Gingrich have won. Admiral Poindexter, a felon, is now in-charge of Total Information Access; which is a newly proposed government seizure of all personal information on every citizen, without regard for either criminal or terrorist culpability. The idea is to acquire all personal and financial information, on every citizen, and then match a crime to fit whatever pattern is potentially indicated by the records seized. This one probably came directly from the pages of the novel "1984."
As far as culture goes, pop or otherwise - that has disappeared into the vacuum created by the government mantra for War! War! Lots more War!' There's simply no money or energy left in the population for any other topic. The bad guys won, and they want to sell the public the idea that because they've wrapped all this garbage in the flag - this is the American way of the future - and it's all bullshit." (1)
None of these things are new, they always happen at the end of every Empire that has ever come to this place in their particular circle of Rise & Fall.
However we have a distinct advantage over all those other fallen Empires. We have the benefit of a technology that can bring the entire world into the room with anyone that wants to know anything about this world or what has happened to anyone or anything that has preceded us. We need to use the tools we have, which are considerable, to overthrow this suffocating system that too many still subscribe to the world over. There are government and media offices in every major city, along with the debris of what used to be major newspapers: All of these offices can be written to, called, faxed and routinely demonstrated against: yet the public has still not been moved to action.
What will it take for you to do the simple things like talking to others that you know, or to the strangers in the lines you might find yourself waiting in, wherever that might be? Conversation is a lot different than spewing out a party-line: it involves the little things that rankle all of us; the incompetence, the arrogance of government, the sheer waste of resources and of other people's talents-the list is endless-and the time you spend in observation and in listening as well as speaking, is well spent indeed. http://www.kirwanesque.com/deck/milestones/9_s.htm
There is very little time left for such things, but we have to begin somewhere if this Nightmare is ever to be interrupted. What better way to begin than to start finding out about your fellow human beings Angela, as well as what might be lurking just beneath the surface in yourself?
1) Endgame Revisted:
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