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Attack Iran Now?
JB Campbell
Regarding this piece, Israel Has No Choice But To Strike (Iran) Now, http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2C7340%2CL-3638430%2C00.html, author Robert Onley is a liar. NO ONE in Iran's government has ever called for Israel's destruction.  
Ahmadinejad has been deliberately misquoted by Zionist disinformation specialists to justify an attack.  
How is a nuclear attack on Iran good for Zionist Israel? Or, is it just a compulsion to commit more mass murder? Weren't Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Palestine and Iraq bloody enough for you?  
Author Onley should be locked up in an insane asylum but he's no crazier than the rest. Anyone who steals a country on the basis that he's "chosen by God" is by definition insane, so you're all crazy as hell. Your psychopathic hatred of others and your limitless sadism show that Israel is totally populated by criminally insane people who must be brought under some kind of reasonable control.  
Nothing can be accomplished in Israel - it has to be done in Washington and New York.  Zionist Jewish control of these and other American cities must be broken because Zionists are determined to rule by force.  Zionist Jewish power in America must be disassembled. Onley's genocidal writings, fully-approved by Zionist censors, is all the proof anyone needs to declare all Zionists enemy aliens.  Also, note that many middle of the road Jews will act as Zionist agents when so ordered.
Iran has no atomic bombs but Israel has hundreds of thermonuclear weapons of various sizes. So, if a small nuclear bomb is exploded in Israel, it is logical to assume a false flag operation, to justify the annihilation of Iran. To a Zionist warlord, everyone is expendable.  Just look at the Zionist involvement in sending rank and file Jews to the forced labor concentration camps of WWII.
Runaway Zionist Jewish power must be addressed...before it kills us all.
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