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The Trap
Behind The Curtain

Jim Kirwan
All the financial markets are showing green lights, joyous profits! Have real profits returned to the world markets! NO, this is a response to the proclamation, underwritten yesterday by the central banks with $247 billion: What an insignificant amount to pay to guarantee tens of trillions in illegal profits down the road. Yet apparently the gullible, determined-to-believe-followers have apparently taken the bait!
This is a trap of global proportions designed to complete the shell game over 'the ownership society's' claims on everything that matters, to them. What's at stake is the future of everyone who works, all pension funds, and any remaining idea of retirement after the public has been irrevocably chained to a bailout plan that has no limits!
"US government policy has encouraged recklessness - most recently by taking extraordinary measures to privatize gains while socializing losses. As part of the agenda of its so-called ownership society (excepting ownership of responsibility by powerful bankers and insurers who fail) the govt. even sought to privatize public obligations - recall the Bush proposal to privatize social security. So why not play fast and loose if the rules are heads I win tails you lose?" (1)
All of this has been quietly put into play over the decades beginning with Reagan and continuing through Bush senior, Clinton, and finally to be enacted under Bush Jr. A lot of time went into this segregation of profits from costs, along with massive offshore operations that have hidden the true nature of all that has now failed. No records are available of these "private transactions" which 'the people' are now about to be locked-into paying off.
No oversight has been done throughout the last eight years. From the congress to the SEC to the courts! No one has been responsible for reining in any of the outrageous behavior throughout the entire financial community: hence this near total collapse should not have been a surprise-yet obviously the extent of the corruption has shocked most ordinary people-as severely as it has threatened the entire structure of Wall Street and the entire financial community on a global scale.
There were warnings of a more subtle nature, if only the public and the unions had been paying attention. Bill Fletcher on Democracy Now:
"Think about the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle at the end of the '80s. You know, any time capital, big business, finds itself threatened, all of this whole thing about a free market just goes right out the window. And it's at that point that they're looking for government bailouts, for the government to step in and save them. And that happened in Silverado Savings and Loan.
But for working people, for farmers in the 1980s in the Midwest, for working people more generally, when they are being squeezed, the political operatives that represent the interests of big business step in and say, "No, no, no, no. You are not entitled to a bailout. You are not entitled to welfare. You are basically out of luck." And just as you described, during a period when we were perhaps a little bit more stable economically, the Republicans were able to move that legislation in, that
But now we have-what?-Wall Street, where we're suffering as a result of the irresponsible, absolutely irresponsible, investments in game planning-playing by these individuals. And what happens? Government is forced to bail them out. Otherwise, we are in complete meltdown." (2)
By the way Obama's running mate led the way in passing the draconian bankruptcy laws that currently punish ordinary people and protect the Corporations! Interestingly, the current foreclosures are only demanded on the primary home a person owns, second homes and more are excluded from Biden's legislation.
If you liked Patriot Acts, One and Two, or HR 1955 & S1959 (Thought- control legislation) then you're going to love this one because it's another "VOTE ONLY DO NOT READ," in the interests of National Security of course, and the panicked need to appear to get a solution quickly!
Congress cannot be trusted; they've proven this so many times over with all their wars, with the blunted impeachment attempts, with FEMA and with every other major failure of oversight responsibility during the last eight years!
What his trap amounts to is a reverse-version of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. FDIC was created to protect our money: this piece of the unfolding treason will be created to insure that every citizen will be saddled with enough debt to permanently enslave us, while freeing the gambler's, the power- brokers and the banks to reap all the profits while mandating our compliance to pay them for all their mistakes - even though
"We" have no idea of how huge this debt might eventually turn out to be!
When was the last time you signed any agreement without first looking at the books? Given the scale of this pending "solution" to the international monetary collapse, is it not necessary to give the public a full and unflinching accounting of what actually happened-along with the heads of those that let this happen!
This will all be accomplished, again, without congress even reading the legislation (per Pelosi's orders), so that congress can maintain their deniability once this dagger is discovered for what it truly is - the end of individual profits and the beginning of total control over all the financial
assets' of this nation.
This is a trap from which there will be no escape if we do not stop this from happening, before it too becomes "law"!
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