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Iraqi Minister of Environment
Appeals To Japanese Government For
Assistance In Dealing With
DU Contamination

Tokyo Newspapers
According to a report carried by The Tokyo Newspaper on Sept. 5,  2008, Ms. Nermeen Osman, Iraqi Minister of Environment visited Japan  last week to attend a UNEP meeting in Kyoto, said in an interview :  105 sites have been found contaminated by the DU shells used during  the Iraq War of 2003, and she was to visit Japanese Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and that of Environment to ask for assistance in  decontamination and health measures for residents.
She also said: Although researches on the DU effects on human  health are still under way, it is clear that there is danger of  damage to human health; cancer incidences have also risen. While they  are taking measures to keep residents from entering the contaminated  areas, they are carrying out works to remove contamination.
Furthermore, she said: she would like to ask Japan, A-bombed  country, for assistance in treatment of victims, etc.
(The UNEP meeting in Kyoto was held to assess the advancement  of the UNEP-Japan joint enterprise to recover Mesopotamian Marsh,  which has been damaged severely during the Hussein era and due to use  of landmines and chemical weapons during the recent wars.)
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