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Obama - Pied Piper &
Children's Crusade Remaker?
By George Paxinos
All down throughout human history, much like the UFO Phenomenon, mysterious figures have popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, exerted a mainly baleful influence on human affairs, and then disappeared again, leaving damaged peoples wondering who they really were, where they had come from, why they had come, and -- perhaps even? -- who might have sent them.
One most famous case in point is the Pied Piper of Hamelin, see :
who led first the town rats, then the town children, into perdition.
Another case might be that of Nicholas of Cologne,
who, perhaps at the behest of his father, who was ultimately hanged for the deed, raised up a Children's Crusade in which thousands of innocent children were seduced away from their families and untold numbers sold into slavery in Muslim lands, apparently in a deal closed with the slave-traders prior to their departure from Europe :
Could this happen in modern times?
Even if it might be hard to prove the ultimate truth of the Pied Piper, the Children's Crusade is certainly well-documented as having happened.
Just in the past century, we can think, for instance, in chronological order, of persons like Rasputin, the Mad Monk, who exerted seemingly hypnotic influence over the court of Russia -- especially over its women-folk -- and thus hastened the Romanov Monarchy's demise, that ushering in far worse social conditions than before :
and, of course, of the hypnotic madman, Adolf Hitler, who led the entire German nation into the Second World War, a nation normally known for rational, practical thinking, but which inexplicably succumbed to the hypnosis of Hitler's insanely raving speeches, without apparently once recognising or questioning the practicality, let alone the sanity -- or consequences -- of what he was proposing to them.
Both Rasputin and Hitler had one thing in common, and I mention it again here : Hypnotic influence, strong eyes and the power of suggestion, and their audience, like any audience under the spell of a professional hypnotist at a travelling show, "went under" -- literally -- and with the worst possible ultimate consequences for both them and their countries.
Around thirty years ago, I remember reading an interview with Ted Patrick, a "deprogrammer" of persons hypnotically seduced into joining sects, which then mainly specialised in stripping their new recruits of their personal wealth and any inheritance they might be in line for :
Patrick has been vilified for his methods by those claiming "freedom of religious choice" -- but, when I read his very sincere interview, and how sectarians by twos-and-threes are trained to accost single individuals on the street with a well-rehearsed spiel that drags the target's attention back-and-forth in a hypnotic rhythm until they "Snap!" -- go under the hypnotic spell -- it made perfect sense to me.
I'd remembered reading in Professor Joseph Goodavage's book, "The Power of Hypnosis", that commercial advertising uses cadences of harmonics of the Alpha Rhythm -- which happens, at around eight cycles-per-second, to be the same rate at which light -- or electromagnetic radiation -- circles the resonance cavity of our ionosphere in one second. So three-second changes, one-and-one-half-second switches, etc, all have their hypnotic component, as the conversation goes back-and-forth.
Then it happened to me : The woman I considered my consort joined a sect, and "snapped". She did not act rationally anymore, only the sect counted. Counter-arguments were useless, she started placing pictures of her Guru, the sect leader, and silly prints of supposed "arisen masters" all around our bed, and we finally split up. I am no Ted Patrick, and as she was happy with the sect and unhappy with me, I let her go her way.
Recently, a woman I know switched her political allegiance from, lately, the Clintons, to Barack Obama. She became totally irrational about her praise of Obama, getting furiously angry at any attempt even to look rationally at the fact that his acquired political positions have been reached uncontested, he has no track-record in politics to speak of, and even her manifestly groupie-behaviour was indicative of something odd having happened to her, even if she did not yet rationally understand it.
Then I realised she had "snapped" too, just as my former consort had. I was surprised. I had considered her quite intelligent -- she is a dynamite astrologer, for instance -- and now -- this?
This was all so odd, the thought idly crossed my mind : Is Obama another Hitler, another Rasputin? ... or another Pied Piper or Hamelin?
I looked up the idea on the Web -- and found others had already got there before me and they had thought of that, too! :
and whereas he actually had neither said nor done anything praiseworthy yet, shifting his political positions seemingly with the wind, even from an initially expressed troop withdrawal from Iraq to the intention to step up the war in Afghanistan and even invade Pakistan if that proved necessary, provoking war, not only with Iran, but with Russia as well, the irrationally positive yet rationally totally unfounded reactions he had on his audience had extended themselves even to persons like movie-star Susan Sarandon :
"Longtime liberal actress Susan Sarandon gushed about her support of Barack Obama, saying she definitely would vote for him for president.
Then she added the capper: "I can't wait to see what he stands for." "
from :
Very odd! -- very odd, indeed! Were ALL his audiences ... hypnotised?
On Rense.com I finally found an answer to my questions --
Hypnosis/NLP Proven
Obama's Use Of Hidden Hypnosis In Speeches
The latter-day Pied Piper? Another Hitler? ...?
Or ... worse?
In a telephone conversation I recently asked a local psychic, as a quick question out of the blue : "What do you think of Barack Obama?!" She hesitated just a fraction of a second : "What the Universe is telling me ..." she stuttered, unbelieving, "what I am getting ... is ... is the Antichrist!" She continued, in a wondering voice : "I can't understand this! -- this just ... came in!"
I myself had pondered the similarity of Nostradamus's "Mabus" to Obama spelled backward, but had not yet considered it seriously.
Looking it up on the Web, though, I saw that more than one person had already thought about this! : In fact, it was on OBAMA'S OWN WEBSITE -- that his Middle-East Advisor was none other than one -- RAY MABUS!
Is this pure "coincidence" -- or Fate -- or God ­ giving us ... Fair Warning?
If Obama goes through with his promise of adding another 100'000 and more troops to the US military, that will mean the Draft.
If he goes through with his intention to escalate the occupation-for-oil in Afghanistan -- under his self-stated and now-discredited excuse of "Hunting Bin Laden" -- on Russia's doorstep -- and if necessary invade Pakistan -- a nuclear-armed country -- WHO will do the fighting? His kids?
Did leading politicians' children ever do active duty except as propaganda campaigns, meticulously filmed, meticulously-groomed spoiled brats, with scrubbed faces and clean fingernails in the midst of "war" -- like the Prince Harry do of a couple years ago?
Some say he even wants to induct girls into the US military. Will HIS daughters serve?
Or will this be another Children's Crusade, led by the USA's own Pied Piper into the darkness of the Middle East as the historic one was, and the children, YOUR children -- too innocent to kill and too young to die -- disappear into another well of darkness, for the fun and profit of those too old -- and too corrupt -- to serve in a war they themselves created?
When that Final War comes upon us, don't say we all went blindly and unwarned into the End Times.
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