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It Was A Rescue!
Jim Kirwan
They told us it was a rescue; not a bailout: what they forgot to specify was that they were rescuing the banks and their corporate co-conspirators, and NOT the taxpaying public whose money they are still so freely using! This was only part of this Crime of the Century!
The reason that the European Bailout is working, is because for their banks to partake in their government's infusion of liquidity; corporate officers of those banks must resign. The US did not demand the same tough terms over here, which proves the point that this was always about saving the same people that caused this near collapse!
In fact what actually happened here was criminal and pre-planned. The self-appointed "managers" of this near-meltdown used every minute of those eight days of anguish to drag this country and the world to the edge of oblivion. In the state of mind thus produced' the public was willing to accept any "deal" that promised any relief at all from what was fast becoming a total meltdown, for far too many people, that had already begun to see their hard won assets going up in smoke!
These criminals are using some of the oldest tricks in the archives of criminal behavior to get exactly what they set out to achieve. And the public has swallowed this "lure," hook, line and sinker!
Look at how much was lost to millions of people because the government did not maintain oversight over any of the financial community's most notorious thieves and con-artists. Government failed in its duty to protect the public from worthless investments, bogus mortgage acquisitions, completely fraudulent transfers of junk securities; and all the while they were telling the public "American markets are sound and reliable, there is nothing to worry about!" The size of that lie is what produced the meltdown!
All that was lost was due in large part to mismanagement and to the criminal behavior by government & financial figureheads that was entered into to delude the public while personally reaping illicit billions: yet no one has called for the heads of any of these major criminals to roll; so we continue with business as usual?
Where are the lawsuits, where is the outrage that must be converted into compensatory re-actions to this hijacking of the public's confidence and ultimately the theft of so much of the future that used to belong to so many millions of people!
If more proof is needed that this crime is still unfolding; then you only need to remember that the North American Union is still on track to take over the entre economy and that the dollar is still scheduled to be replaced by the Amero, sooner rather than later! Troops were deployed in this country to quell any public uprising just before this crime was announced: and they're still here, and may soon be augmented.
If the public ever figures out that this "reprieve" is just more smoke & mirrors in a much greater heist; then it will take a lot more troops to quell the very real rage that will follow upon that news coming home to the victims of this continuing Bailout of the Bandits, while they continue to fleece the terrified herd!
Americans have been quietly dying in their tiny little bubbles; hoping against hope "that for a change, something might really change!" Sorry there will not be any cavalry coming to our rescue: instead we're only going to get more of the same, until the last drop of profits are finally squeezed from our starving hands! There is still a very long way to go-yet-the public will cling to this euphoria as if it were Christmas-in-October: instead of demanding their money back for everything that they've already lost so far!
Listen to the 'candidates' scurry through the crumbs looking for some in-tact piece of meat to offer to the victims. The public needs to spit on rebates or tax-credits; and on anything that is not immediate and spendable money in their hands! The government enabled the theft of huge amounts of wealth and that needs to be repaid in-kind with interest: Then the thieves need to spend the rest of their days in penniless-isolation, from all other human beings! That would constitute a real BAILOUT, because it would get to the core of this problem that so far has yet to even be touched!
This government in the middle of this meltdown has used this fact to cover up their passage of the largest military spending bill in US history.
"WHILE THE NATION REMAINED fixated on the nearly $1 trillion
Congress gave to criminal bankers and investment firms on Wall Street, the House and Senate quietly passed the largest military spending legislation to date loaded with pork and gifts for the military-industrial complex.
On September 24, the House passed the $612.5 billion fiscal year 2009 defense budget bill with no debate by a vote of 392 to 39. The massive
measure had already passed the Senate on Sept. 17 by a vote of 88 to eight.
This unprecedented appropriations legislation breezed through
Congress despite a bevy of earmarks because of pressure put on conservative Republicans and far-left Democrats to be "patriotic" and to "support the troops."" (1)
This had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TROOPS, and everything to do with the Defense Industry and with the secret no-bid contractors that are already rolling in illicit billions! This, while the government is supposedly fixated on trying to solve the meltdown problem, given that the nation is so broke!
Crime upon crime, criminality upon deceit and a generous portion of public lies that has been poured over all our days, yet seemingly all we chose to do about it-is to beg for even more of the same- no alterations in the composition of the government is apparently required!
Had we used IMPEACHMENT when it mattered, this could not have happened: but then Pelosi FORBADE the public from using our constitutional right to throw out our thoroughly corrupt leaders. Do you still think that this is over yet?
There is no "safe or distant way" to confront this nightmare. You have to get involved if you want to see a change, because no politician will ever do this for you! It's your money, or rather it was your money: but isn't there still more that remains for you to lose!
It's your call America: if you begin to talk among yourselves maybe you can find some ways to take this on and actually WIN for a change! In any case that would beat just waiting for the other shoes to drop because this won't be over till all the accounts have been emptied!
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