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When Pigs Fly - The People
Have Been Deceived Again
From Cliff Mickelson
Hi Jeff...
OK, Riddle me this...
Let's see....Two days ago the House rejected a bail-out Bill that was 110 pages long.  Three pages.
Now, a scant two days later, the Senate PASSES what they are telling us is basically the same bill with a few simple perks added...but it is (now get this) 450 pages long!
So...they mean to tell me that somebody took a 3 page bill and wrote it into a 450 page bill AND THEN PASSED IT in less than 48 hours?
Yeah...SURE they did!
Just like the Patriot Act, I'll bet money that this Bill was planned and drafted well before this crisis came to pass.  And just like the Patriot Act, probably no Senator actually READ the entire bill, either.
Someone was waiting in the wings with this Bill all along.  Furthermore, we are going to get a 'bailout' crammed down our throat whether we like it or not.
Lord only knows what hidden land mines are in the Senate version And just Who is going to read 450 pages of legislation in such a short time?  The banksters and their confederates are hell bent on passing it...and the Will of the People be damned!
The House Bill was a bait and switch. They really DO think we are stupid, don't they? When this Bill passes the House, it will be the economic equivilant to the Patriot Act.

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