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One Awesome Organic
Garden - You Can, Too!

From Gary Jacobucci
Jeff, thought I'd send along pictures a friend took today of my mile-high organic garden in progress. You can post this if you think it might inspire others to plant a garden.
Potatoes, Blue Hopi Corn, Indian peas, beans and melons from a mile- high plus tribe, carrots, beets, tomatoes, etc.
I use a no-till method of gardening, in which the earthworms do the cultivation. A 6-inch layer of straw makes for no weeding and a steady source of food for the worms. A manifold and soaker hose system of watering makes the garden pretty much a plant and harvest labor. I leave the potatoes, beets and carrots in the ground after frost and shovel off the snow and harvest from under the straw as needed all the way into June.
In friendship,
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