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Anatomy Of The Murder
Jim Kirwan
It is usually said that when anything major dies, it will happen not with a bang, but with a whimper. Yesterday's TREASON was no exception because with that "vote" we formally ended the tempting promise of 'Freedom & Opportunity' in this place that was once called the United States of America!
In reviewing the Obituary's of this murder it is clear that the entire episode was planned, and except for the unexpected single moment, in the last eight years of non-stop wars amid the shadow world of criminal intrigues: There was just that once, when the congress actually resisted the machine and 'represented' their constituents' demands-before this mega-plan continued on without a hitch! Now this American-tragedy can finally begin to explore the myriad of dark and dirty secrets that have been "yearning to breathe free," since long before anyone here was born.
US troops have been assigned within our borders to control this population while we all sit by and watch wide-screen-revised re- runs of the Savings & Loan giveaway, coupled with ENRON and the Accounting Scandals; compounded by the war-crimes and crimes- against-humanity that have proven to be so profitable to all the corporate and political forces that 'really matter!'
But there is a major difference because this time: All of the above will be amplified a hundred thousand fold! "This time" there will be no 'return to stability.' Yesterday's vote tore open the awesome Gates of Hell itself. And now today, thanks to blatant Treason and to cowardice and fear, we begin our one-way passage beneath an ancient inscription that tends to say it all!
The "Thinker" presides over this collapse while we can only cringe and tremble!
"Lay Down All Hope You That Go In By Me"
Many are wondering just exactly what happened yesterday. For those still unclear, here is what they did which is being described by Benito Mussolini, everybody's favorite fascist!
"Following a pattern it had set in earlier bailouts of smaller banks, the government set up a holding company, which it financed together with the central bank. This company acquired all the corporate shares held in the portfolios of the banks at the higher historical, not current prices. Thus, the government not only provided liquidity to the banking system, but it also absorbed part of its losses. It also became the largest shareholder in a number of firms. Many of the industrial firms thus acquired were themselves on the verge of failing and benefited not just from the rescue of their banks but also from the direct infusion of public money" The cost of the entire bailout was a staggering 10 percent of GDP - the comparable amount in the United States today would be about $1 trillion.
This little maneuver completed the arduous task of the redistribution of wealth that has been ferociously under-way since Reagan's Raiders ruled the Tarnished House and threatened the world with his global fantasies of wealth and power!
The US has always had a layered society beneath some very inspiring concepts and hallowed phrases: The Declaration of Independence, the words on the base of the Statue of Liberty, the Constitution, and thousands of other documents are only words on paper now in a world that values guns and raw power over all laws and agreements that were negotiated to improve life. Underneath the pomp and bunting, the truth has always been this interminable street fight in the dead of metaphorical night. This has been going on forever in the back-alleys and the unseen pages of that unspoken history which defines the facts of how we came to be here in the first place.
This is how we have divided our world now: look carefully at the 'beautiful' crowd that actually panders to the uglies that we have accepted as "leaders" to take us all toward ever-greater gain and profits. The military men are reminiscent of General Betray-us: that esteemed military paragon of ours who got his chest- full-of- medals without ever seeing combat: because he was a general who only fought with paper and in cocktail parties, prior to being tapped to lead in the latest of our criminally-invasive wars.(1)
This "nation" was born in the blood of the native population that we displaced, and it continued with the bloodiest war we ever fought: the US Civil War that lingers still, in many places that have escaped our national focus. From that blood-stained start we went on to conquer and to colonize at will; throughout the hemisphere at first, but then we fell victim to the forces that now control the whole broken empire that we helped create, with a savage greed and an insatiable lust for ultimate power-but that's just the barely mentioned history.
What really happened here of note, was a vast redesign of an entire population that seems not to have been equaled in the past! It is here where Americans have broken their ties with other human- beings; and it is here that we shall be condemned by history for having chosen The Century of the Self over all other aspects of daily life. (2)
The considerations for private money in this piece of filth that passed yesterday, pretty much says it all! How many working people have managed to squirrel way a quarter of a million dollars? "Real- jobs" are falling from our reach like autumn leaves in a Tornado; never to return because the Economic-Spring that could have fixed this; has been officially banished in an orgy of free money for the owners and their private contractors!
What this crime has not killed outright will be finished off by inflation and by the instituted fear and panic that has already to begin to bite off chunks of what used to be part of any 'Main- street' life. This nation has been at war now for seven years and there has been no "victory," despite the fact that we were told this would all be quick and cheap! Meanwhile more and more nations continue to be targeted by these same incompetent forces that initiated these unending wars. Yet despite the fact that these criminal enterprises have literally drained the country and the economy-the public remains oblivious!
Nations, just like people are judged by what they 'DO' not what they promise and we have lied so often that no one can take our word for anything today. We have become a place without portfolio; a 'state' without a rudder or a purpose beyond the personal acquisition of stolen goods and other people's property that is stolen by force in the name of Freedom & Democracy! All of which makes us over-ripe for this Economic 911 Attack upon all our financial and political structures. (3)
Our "greatest ally" in everything has been a disgusting little place that's run by obsessively paranoid-criminals, hell-bent on taking everything from anyone that does not subscribe to their concept of inherent "special status." Yet no people can ever be placed above all else simply by the accident of birth!
Our current crop of politicians are more concerned with the health and wealth of the Zionist state than they are for the Americans that pay their salaries, and fight the wars that the Zionist State decides are a "THREAT" to the survival of their evil conclave in the Middle-East! Yet Americans do not seem to care how many Israeli- Americans there are in this government, not to mention how perverted our own policies have become, just to pacify Israel over our real and serious national security interests that remain unmet!
Throughout all the gore and slaughter that we've committed in Iraq alone (over two million murdered, two million more displaced, and yet another two million damaged or ruined) ­ and yet American's seem to remain unmoved. We have made enemies for the next fifty years of so many people throughout the world, and now because we are terrified and intimidated we have surrendered what we were apparently trying to enhance: our own wealth and prosperity, not-to- mention the real-world safety of America and Americans in general!
Congratulations America ­ you have lost the one battle that you never saw coming, and it turns out to be the final curtain that has made itself immune from oversight or corrections-but it doesn't seem to matter-if too many of us fail to even care!
1) Political World ­ Bob Dylan video
2) The Century of the Self ­ Edward Bernays
3) Shock & Awe: Bi-Partisan Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11
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