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Huge Holes In The Parachute
Jim Kirwan
From the heights of global prosperity to Meltdown in a flash and now we are expected to believe that all is as before, even without the promised legislation. Apparently the loss of $20 billion by Morgan-Stanley didn't merit even a blip. (1)
There are several holes in the promises made today by the conspiratorial directors that were instrumental in creating this mess, as well as their promised solution to this entire affair.
For every US dollar that is printed, a percentage must be paid to the owners of the Federal Reserve, which will profit obscenely from this Meltdown-that-no longer-exists. Their "fix" is predicated on a combination of monies both printed and borrowed to a point well beyond a trillion dollars; with no specifics concerning just how high this figure might go. Their goal involves saving the institutions and the bankers from what they have created by privatizing their gains and socializing their losses (the bankers and investment capitalists reap the profits while the public gets the shaft), that's hardly anything to cheer about!
'Unbroken De-regulation' is what is at the root of this Meltdown- that-never-was. If the point of all this congratulation and artificial rebounding is to have any substance at all; then the public must be able to distinguish between what is coming from the government and what is coming from the private central banks, one of which is the US Federal Reserve. For this crisis to be truly reversed then those who caused it, not only must not be saved, but prosecuted: rather than the people of the public that were massively victimized by this entire charade. After all it was those insiders that demanded an end to regulation who 'could and should' have prevented all of this.
The FED must be dissolved if the threat of this 'Meltdown' is to truly become a part of the past, and not just something that's being postponed until after the next election. Global markets have come to equal global crisis and the biggest myth of all is that the federal government is the biggest "taxpayer owned bank" in the eyes of the world. Because that's a lie! (2)
Another huge hole in the parachute is that the United States needs to take back the right to print our own money. After that we can decide whether or not it is in our national interest to be involved with the global association of privately held central banks. The public must also be able to distinguish what is actually a US government action from what is in fact just another opportunity for the FED to vastly increase their own private fortunes, at the expense of the taxpaying US public! (3)
Before congress and the White House begin to act, those responsible for oversight must make the public aware of what specifically is being 'taken over' and by whom. If real "confidence" is to survive beyond the next few days then the parachute has to be totally transparent. For the public to be able to trust what is going on transparency must become job one! One note of confidence could be introduced by summarily firing those who oversaw this failure-outright!
About the only way that this bailout can move forward is if government dissolves the FED and goes back to what worked after the Crash of 1929, because everybody knows that worked!
The deregulation has catered to special interests to the exclusion of the public's interest. The deregulators have spent decades destroying the safeguards while skewing the clarity of transactions at all levels that has resulted in the depth of this breakdown that brought on the meltdown. Perhaps there needs to be a separate system for dealing with offshore accounts, so that the public and the treasury will stop getting screwed over the taxes and accountings that are not being recorded or paid.
No matter what the markets are forecasting now, this problem shall remain active until the root causes of this collapse are made clear to everyone ­ both here and around the world!
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2) Banking History ­ The Federal Reserve System is Privately Owned
3) Illuminati Bankers are making a Killing
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