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DANGER - Irradiation -
It's Not Food Any Longer' 

Look for this Symbol (in any color) - If it is a fresh product Don't Buy It.
The irradiation industry, and governments world wide, have touted the effective irradiation of food products as a means to kill various and harmful bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately what they are not telling you is that in study after study there have been a plethora of negative side effects of FRESHLY irradiated products in test animals. Signs exhibited ranged from weakened immune systems, to weight loss, to other aberations in the test subject.
What is interesting to note is that food stored for 6 weeks after irradiation (such as grain products and spices) did not exhibit these effects in nearly so strongly a manner..
Finally those of you who take the time to read the whole posting will quickly realize the con-job about to be played on the unsuspecting public. As you will read, the FDA has already basically sided with Big Business at the cost of your health. That means ONLY YOU WILL INFORM YOUR NEIGHBOUR. The FDA, the Media, and other Bodies will do NOTHING to tell you the truth about the dangerous side effects of freshly irradiated food.. It is up to you to copy this post and share with as many people as possible. Then when enough people know the difference we can exert serious pressure to keep our food unirradiated and simply get the food industry to simply use GOOD HYGIENE PRACTISES.

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