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Tomorrow The Coup?
Jim Kirwan
Tomorrow, October 7, will mark the end of our first week into the Coup that officially began on the first day of this month. This coup actually slipped out from behind the curtain way back in September of 2002 when Congress officially gave this 'License to Kill' to the president of the United States!
"Since this man came to office the congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.
In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law." (1)
What has happened since has shattered any and all ideas of what the United States may have once been, as well as what options might remain, "going forward;" because under the terms of this Coup "illegality" has been made legal. What this has done is to include the citizens of theUnited States in those 'states or nations' (above) that could be seen as enemies of this Coup!
Naomi Wolf has a thirty minute video, just out today, that summarizes much of what has happened, as well as what we can do to begin to turn all this around. She says in part: 'military law suspends civilian law, so we must get our local city councils to reject the Homeland Security money that is being offered to train local police to make war against US citizens ­ Homeland Security is funneling money to communities in advance, to pay off the lawsuits that will come from the actions of these coup agents. (This happened in both cities where recent conventions were held). This was made possible by the 2007 Defense Authorization Act which made it legal for the president to direct troops to make war against American citizens.' It was one thing for soldiers to disobey illegal orders in his wars, but this action makes the illegal orders of this president 'legal'!
'Those in government that are complicit in this Coup must be held responsible and their leaders arrested. There are District Attorney's (Vincent Bugliosi & others) that want to do this now.'
'Before the Revolutionary War, George the Third, the English King sent mercenary troops to occupy and police American streets; doing the same thing that Bush just created by authorizing three to four thousand troops to police the actions of American citizens, (in America).'
'We must stand against tyranny and oppression, because our right to freedom is a universal right: "When a tyrant looms, the structures of tyranny loom," and we have to do everything to oppose that tyranny! You are not "entitled" to speak freely; you are obliged to speak freely! You have to act as an American and Speak Freely! We must see this Coup for what it is and rise up against it.'
When the War on Terror began, the first casualty was the designed loss of our inner-freedoms. This is what was really attacked on 911, and it is something that has continued to lose ground ever since that black day. 'We were free because of our practice of the rule of law.' Now that Rule of Law has been perverted and on many occasions shattered; we must rise up now and take back 'the laws' that were part of our former Republic.
Naomi Wolf continues: "America has no established god" and this is so important because these people are (now) seizing power in the name of Theocracy. They are using (religious) faith as a mobilizing tool, Sarah Palin would extend this. {The tax-exempt status of the churches needs to be re-examined, because that status is granted only if those churches are not political} The founders wanted to insure that ours was a country of religious freedom, where people were free in their conscience (to decide for themselves about their beliefs), because they knew what happens when religious minorities are prosecuted by the state.' So, (according to the first Amendment), Americaestablishes 'No god.'
'The idea of America is that freedom is a universal human right ­ so we must divest ourselves from this empire and become a Republic once again.'
All of this begins psychologically (as a thought-form) that we must take into our hearts-and each of us is called upon to stand up for freedom!'
'The good news is that historically when millions of people have risen up in time, they can together move aggressively to arrest those responsible and most of the Cabal. You have to get warrants, get their computers, and you have to declare what has taken place. Once these people are charged they will back-off and begin to turn on one-another. The time to act is now!' (2)
However there is another entire dimension to this takeover, which is the very public yet still very secret, seizure of financial and monetary powers of the nation and by extension the world. In case you missed it we have surrendered our control over the purse strings of this country to a bunch of self-interested and self- appointed members of the Cabal. Without control over the printing of our own money, which we lost with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank: we are little more than vassals to the owners of the twelve privately owned Central Banks. To that criminal act we must now add the surrender of control over how this fiat money of ours shall be spent-by whom and for what-without knowing how much this will cost, or even IF this process will even begin to solve the problems created by the same people that are now administering the law that was passed last Friday!
To probe these various financial and fascistic shadows behind this latest outrage: Naomi Klein has an extensive interview today on Democracy Now.
"NAOMI KLEIN: When Milton Friedman turned ninety, the Bush White House held a birthday party for him to honor him, to honor his legacy, in 2002, and everyone made speeches, including George Bush, but there was a really good speech that was given by Donald Rumsfeld. I have it on my website. My favorite quote in that speech from Rumsfeld is this: he said, "Milton is the embodiment of the truth that ideas have consequences."
So, what I want to argue here is that, among other things, the economic chaos that we're seeing right now on Wall Street and on Main Street and in Washington stems from many factors, of course, but among them are the ideas of Milton Friedman and many of his colleagues and students from this school. Ideas have consequences." (3)
This Coup that is only six days old is a very through entrapment by traitors that was designed to so completely crush America and Americans in order to prevent us from ever taking back this nation. This is so important to them; because they know that America is the one nation that actually had the capacity to shut them down and lock-them-up.
Last night on 60 minutes, the real cause behind the most recent collapse was also unveiled, in a story called "Wall Street's Shadow Market" This is the story of a $60 TRILLION dollar fiasco that sought to make gold-plated investments our of those totally bogus mortgages; which the Slush-Fund was passed to bailout. This failure is described as 'A full blown financial storm'
in the 60 minutes story: but how far do you think $850 Billion will go toward solving the reality of a $60 Trillion dollar problem! (4)
This Coup was created to take-back everything that Americans once stopped the ancestors of this Coup from obtaining, back in 1933, when FDR stopped them from profiting by the first version of this obscenity! If we could take back the power of printing and controlling our own money (like every other self-respecting nation has tried to do): then most of this could never have happened in the first place. We need to come out from under our beds and get this together people ­ or we really will be nothing but slaves to these tyrants and traitors that dreamed this nightmare into existence - on the backs of every one of us - who is not one of them! It's way past-time, but if we get serious it might still not be too late!
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Rep. Brad Sherman
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