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Politicians Are Not People
Jim Kirwan
On of the most confounding mysteries in all of political thought stems from the fact that most 'politicians' are not people. As a general rule they have no real friends and the only values that most of them attempt to display are nothing more than 'markers' on an ever-spinning wheel that answers to whichever way the winds of popularity might blow. That is not the same thing as having anything that could pass for any basis in the whirlwind of our lives.
Politicians are nothing more than jumbled puzzle pieces that from time-to-time are stuck together by greed and by those twisted forms of power that are constantly shifting like heaps of autumn leaves, at the mercy of every passing breeze. It is no wonder then that their actions mystify most people, because politicians answer to something that the rest of us consider artificial.
People must live by their values, which are not separate from the most intimate parts of life and death. Politicians believe that they can 'create' facts by passing laws that contravene the laws of nature and of life, and therein lies the basic disconnect between 'people' and their so-called leaders. This nation died when our politicians figured out how to vote themselves money: From that point forward these so-called 'servants of the people' began to treat us as their slaves. We no longer run the houses that we live in anymore than we have any say in what the policies of this nation ought to be. If we were still capable of critical thought then this nation would have long ago left all these childish games-of-politics behind.
Here are two views of 'The Thinker, 'Rodin's classic sculpture from his 'Gates of Hell.' They are displayed as the Seeker that looks inside himself to discover what his waking mind can sometimes miss, versus the Thinker who is concerned only with that which lies outside himself. Puzzle pieces play a part in this, yet each separate approach contributes to more capable governance, than either concept could ever fashion by itself.
Yet today's political figures have cast their lot well outside this basic thought-form, choosing to implement the ideas others for greed and profit that has little or nothing to do with how such ideas might play out in the lives of those that these constructs must surely come to change! It is no wonder then that these Purveyor's of Other People's Plans and twisted dreams, are incapable of comprehending the contradictions that each politician finally chooses to blindly serve. What is amazing is that we continue to allow them to do as they please with our very lives!
In the real world: Out of the three-hundred plus million-people in this country, it is truly stunning to realize that the best that the two party system can come up with are these four sad tokens of political leadership, to which we are somehow suppose to become ecstatic!
Just today Cheney-Bush escaped the need to go before the nation at what was to have been the Republican National Convention. McCain canceled the scheduled convention, rather than just moving it forward: thereby denying the public the chance to hear the positions and to see their party's "heavy-weights" in a real- world confrontation as they would attempt to openly compete with what the country just saw with the Democrats. McTraitor is notably extremely weak in these kinds of venues-and now both he and his questionable choice for VP let themselves off that dangerous hook, while at the same time shielding the public-blood-stain on their party which the appearance of Cheney Bush would no doubt have produced.
Once more the public is denied the chance to confront this "party of incompetence" on their miserable failures throughout their entire tenure at the helm of the Cheney-Bush Titanic that is going down for the count with every passing moment. For instance all that painstaking preparation that was made computerizing the Gustav refugees and their designated destinations along with all their pets, just crashed, and now all that information and documentation has been lost: and the storm is still hours away!
On this third anniversary of Katrina, we just happen to have an even bigger hurricane coming on-shore just in time to show off the revised federal response (which actually does not excuse what happened during Katrina), but instead of postponing the Republican convention and then talking later about all that was done for those threatened by Gustav-the retard's opted for this cheap ticket out of the political quicksand which they have spent eight long years creating. (1)
Throughout this marathon selection process that will have used up two whole years, instead of the 90 days that would have been optimal: What the country has repeatedly been subjected to along with the completely ineffectual attempts to "lead" has been nothing but more faux words laid upon massive failures all around: with no end in sight.
The disconnect that these politicians keep on smashing into, is the very real concern of ordinary people as to how they shall survive in this world that is beginning to crash around us all: while these proposed candidates continue to show no real interest in any of the things that could indeed change the situation on the ground in this country.
If they were serious they would have to tell the public that there is NO money with which to change anything. It should also be obvious to anyone seriously trying to comprehend just "who" is running and for what; that the money, the speechwriters, and the sponsors of all these people are on the same page, because those "sponsors" are the same people that created every one of the so- called problems that either candidate has stated, "Must be fixed."!
Also neither 'man' has any executive experience of any note whatever. Obama has spent his mini-life talking about 'stuff' and doing nothing. McCain has spent his as a permanently petulant teenager with no sense of personal responsibility or even the smallest grasp toward leading anyone anywhere. Of the four the only one with enough brain power and charisma to DO anything is Joe Biden, and he's completely in the pocket of the same forces that created this mess in the first place. This is not a beauty contest; it's about finding and confirming someone capable of leading a seriously troubled nation out of the worst nightmare that any nation has ever created for itself!
McCain is a personal coward and a military failure with his 22 days of combat experience, which he capped by crashing his fifth jet fighter and ending up in a brothel in Hanoi for the next several years. John's choice for Vice-president creates some very interesting potential problems, and clearly shows not his leadership skills but only his continued interest in maintaining his trophy choices, when he should be thinking about "the country" that he claims he always puts first! (2)
Obama never learned anything about real-world violence in any form, and instead has placed his 'faith' in his circular speaking style that will have no affect whatever on anyone that has ever lived an authentic life. Cynically, even Barrack could not really take all that poppy-cock he put in his acceptance speech seriously: not after so many decades during which each and every politician has made virtually the same promises and then of course, did either the exact opposite, or nothing-at-all!
So we have empty suits running for office yet again, based on more of the same old lies to be administered by the same people (from the obscene past) that will be disinterred to administer this new government that stands for real change! Right-only this time the world is not wearing blinders anymore: this time we shall have to prove every single thing we undertake before we can be believed about anything ever again; such is the nature of the extent of the deceptions that this government has publicly sunk to, in the opinion of the rest of the people in the world!
This is why so many have finally come to realize that Politicians are not real people, and as their list of outright failures underlines, they are not very good at delivering on anything they've undertaken. So why do we continue to allow them to play with us this way? We pay and pay and pay again a hundred times over for all the things that we have yet to receive; and still we act as if these creatures are to be respected instead of just arresting them and then demanding 'all our money back'!
No matter who "wins" in November or even if that selection is interrupted by Martial Law: It is we who will lose bigtime, whether there is an election or not; because we long ago surrendered all our basic rights, to the fear and paranoia that we allowed them to use, to steal this country from us-without even the slightest whimper of protest!
1) RNC Preview video
2) Stewart & Colbert Mock VP Choice
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