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Bankruptcy, Theft & Fear
By Dick Eastman
Why does the U.S. ruling elite en masse accept passively the Rothschild kleptastrophe? The answer is simple. Our ruling elite are no longer domestic factory owners, they no longer control productive capactiy in the US. There are no domestic capitalists left in the USA. They have exchanged ownership in real wealth for speculative international portfolios at the mercy of the Money Power. They sold out to the Rothshild-Rockefeller-Zhou credit monopoly and are fully invested in China ventures. They have tied their fortunes to the destruction of the United States economy and people. They go along because they have nowhere else to go, they have no feet of their own to stand on.
The domestic economy has been completely destroyed and bankrupted and the headlines of every paper write about fear that "a recession may be threatening" -- and no one comments on how useless, fruitless and juiceless is the economists abstruse techinical definition of "recession" (growth of GDP measures nothing of importance to Americans, it is a useless statistic that conceals that is no measure at all of what is happening to our standard of living, our lives, our ruin. I am reminded of the apocraphal Seventh Day Adventist who when told about 9-11 being a false-flag frameup and the economic kleptastrophe being premeditated conquest of the US by the Rothshilds, Rockefellers and other international crime families summed up the situation giving what to him was its full import: "It's worst than I feared; this means that a Sunday Law may be around the corner." Thus, for some people, nothing can really be bad unless a recession is officially declared or unless those blue laws get passed. "Not a recession," is the pillow that is being forced over your face to keep you from crying out as you are suffocated by Drs. Bernanke abd Paulson.
I see that the Fed is going to give trillions to bail out corporations owned by their friends. I see that the Treasury is going to give more to the banks. And this is termed "bailout."
What a stupid and devious word. What is happening is that the American people are being robbed of everything. We have been denied purchasing power even as fuel prices and food prices have been deliberately increased through monopoly power applied to effect this very sinister end. The Fed has kept M1 money supply tight even as it has hidden M3 which measures the money used by the elites in their international transactions. Thus the people have experienced a bust (a depression) while those on the Elite Loop have had plenty of purchasing power to buy up all of the foreclosed properties and all of the the businesses going under in this artificially created downturn.
While the American people are getting the pillow pushed down over their faces the Money Power is pumping pure oxygen to their own.
But remember, we couldn't pay our morgages because the Fed dried up all of our purchasing power at the same time that vast new dollar deposits were created in the hands of foreigners to pay our our debt finacing of consumption and war. Remember I said that the Fed needed to reduce its reserve requirements to save everyones house and job? That was the obvious cure. But even now the Fed has not lowered the discount rate upon which commercial banks borrow money to keep up their required reserves -- much less applied the big remedy of lowering the reserve ration to give relief to local economies (to real households) unable to make ends meet.
So, what are they up to? What are they doing by keeping purchasing power out of American hands while jacking up prices and foreclosing and grabbing when the inevitable happens and morgages don't get paid and small-business expenses don't get covered by consumer purchases? It's very simple. They are not bailing out anyone.
They are simply providing money to the bankers so they can buy the distressed assets and so that they will get piped oxygen while the rest of us are smothered under the pillow -- but none of their oxygen will get to us. They are building a post-you world for themselves. No money being provided by the American taxpayers is going to help the American householder -- no credit extended to the banks is going to provide people with new means of paying taxes, paying debt and keeping a family alive. I see the dishonesty of every step the elites are taking. I see that only the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Li's and other international "red" crime families -- their money, the Jewishness, their racism, their criminal commitment (i.e., "we're in this thing too far, we've committed too many crimes, to back out now"), their "internationalness" respecting no people or nation other than themselves, their holdings and Israel, their long war with self- supporting and self-respecting middle-classes who don't need their usury or their profitable wars and kleptastrophes.
And people accept the pillow held over their faces as if it is simply God's natural stinginess with air. The news media and the candidates and the statements by ivy whorehouse imposter economists -- all support the charade that this is simply impersonal market forces at work and that your responsible public officals and bank regulators are doing everything humanly possible to put things right -- but prepare for major sacrifices and don't expect to have a retirement and don't expect to maintain your standard of living
-- but thank heaven that no one is talking about Sunday laws or recession yet.
If I sound flippant it is because I am -- with you. I have written to you about this again and again for six years -- the two- loop theory dates back to 2000 -- the banking problem back to the mid- 1990's. I have been writing to the class that is least capable of taking action or of even reaching a conclusion about what is going on or whom to trust. The kind of people who need to be given speeches about the economy are the kind who know nothing about these questions, who never read articles on lists like this.
Only the autistic blog -- or so it seems.
I wish I could talk to the real hurting people who have been conditioned to believe that economics is something forbidden to them and out of their reach. I would connect with them -- because I am one of them. I am not one of you and never have been. The people I see suffering all aroun me in my town -- except up the hill from me in the $4 million dollar homes. I sometime think that you exist to keep people like me from reaching the real people.
All of you are built to go nowhere. Whether you are agents sent to thwart all efforts to inform the public or whether you are just steller examples of the success of dumb-down by the slave masters doesn't really make any difference. You are going nowhere. Your failure is both in education and in morals. You don't know what to believe and you lack moral character to recognize who is honest and who is not. Don't mind me -- I am just a man slowing going out of his mind as he watches helplessly kleptastrophy happen because I cannot get people to believe what I have by chance come to know about how the economy and organized above-the-law evil operates.
I have been drained of rational hope. I pointed to men who were on the right track like Richard C. Cook -- but you continued to follow the false-opposition (like Ross Perot, Nader and Ron Paul, the latter of which has been video-taped several times giving the same Masonic hand signs that Bush often gives. See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x6inINzThw
Of course, Paul's gold standard is exactly the opposite of what we really need. The Money Power always wants a gold standard AFTER everyone else has been crushed by near infinite debt and have no money themselves. People can't believe that folksy old guys telling you what you want to hear while throwing in concepts above your head with bromides like "sound money" -- as if once Ron Paul became president you could all cash your paychecks for gold coin -- for cryin' out loud -- what you borrowed as paper, you repay as gold, after the government borrows the gold from the current gold horders at compound interest. (Greenspan also favors a gold standard, and he was being investigated for selling Federal Reserve gold to investment banking pals for under market price -- when the destruction of the WTC North Tower on 9-11 ended the investigation by killing all the investigators and destroying their records --
this is what Ron Paul is really part of if those Masonic signs mean anything at all.
Fighting will break out - but you will not support it. I don't blame you for being dumbed-down and fooled. Who would believe that "conspiracy theory whackos" really had it right, especially the "anti-Semitic" ones -- when all of the validators of society (radio, TV, politicians, academics, people in responsible positions) all find the conspiracy theories too crazy and too hateful to merit mention. It would take a lot of effort for any of you to evaluate the 9-11 evidence or the economic argments made by people like me -- and with so many disinformers and honest-but- wrong people offering involved and confusing theories -- why should you ever pick my ideas to invest your time in investigating. You wouldn't and haven't. Jim Fetzer and Webfairy get equal footing with honest investigators on 9-11 and Ron Paul and Bob Barr are considered saviors of the economy and social creditors must be "the enemy" for calling their 'solutions' into question.
So, this is all I write this week -- and I am hoping that next week I will have the sense not to bother checking my "Dick Eastman" inbox. I have a better chance of winning the million dollar slot machine jackpot at the local casino than I do getting you to understand anything. It is killing me to see what is happening to this country and the people I care about and the many more people I don't know who are just as worthy of caring for as those I know personally. My God...the poverty and misery and tragedy I see around me in Yakima thanks to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and all of the elite who have sold their souls (and their American factories) to get a piece of their usury.
So, I ask you -- what are you going to do with the article by Richard C. Cook that follows below?
You are going to go on pretending that everything is normal -- hiding your panic and desperation behind a mask of business as usual even though you know this is the end and no one is going to do anything to prevent it.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Richard C. Cook
How to Save the U.S. Economy
by Richard C. Cook
The crashing stock market has given its verdict. The financial rescue plan currently being implemented by the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve System will fail to revitalize the producing economy, even with continued interest rate cuts. This is because the banking system is essentially a supply-side, trickle- down mechanism with a currency based on a pyramid of bank lending and debt. All the current plans being suggested by economists and others to save the financial system by varying degrees of tinkering are useless. Similarly useless is the pumping in of credit or liquidity by Treasury or the Federal Reserve because it is no more than new debt to roll over old debt.
The cause of the financial failure is that the producing and consumer economy is "maxed out" and is unable to repay existing loans much less new ones. This is because purchasing power in the U.S. has collapsed.
Purchasing power has collapsed not only because we have outsourced our industry abroad and allowed our infrastructure to crumble, but also because of structural defects identified decades ago by C.H. Douglas and John Maynard Keynes. These defects occur due to the need for retained earnings (i.e. savings) to overcome the Law of Diminishing Returns. This leads to insufficient aggregate demand; i.e., the gap between prices and purchasing power that is endemic in an industrial economy.
The problem is not the collapse of the stock market which simply reflects the deflation of the bubble economy. The problem is the oncoming recession/depression caused by the absence of an economic engine to generate new producing power.
Keynesian plans for top-down creation of jobs by government deficit spending has never worked and has always ended in an attempt by the government to inflate its way out of debt. Everything being suggested by the Obama/McCain campaigns is based on the failed Keynesian formula.
An entirely new paradigm is needed. This can be provided through dividend-based economics like the Alaska Permanent Fund, the 2008 tax rebate stimulus, and the basic income guarantee (negative income tax) discussed during the 1960s and 1970s.
Following is the "Cook Plan":
Non-taxable vouchers should be issued at the rate of $1,000 per month per adult and $500 per month per child which may be used for food, housing, fuel, communications media, utilities, and educational services provided at outlets within the U.S. Distribution of vouchers may be delegated to state and local governments.
Vouchers will be deposited by service providers and vendors only in a new network of local chartered savings banks-one for each county in the U.S. Deposits will be made to the bank in the county of the local point-of-sale.
Banks will lend locally at zero-percent interest using voucher deposits as capitalization. The banks may create loans at a 1:10 reserve ratio with borrowers paying administrative fees only. Borrowers must provide a 20% down payment as collateral or purchase default insurance at 2% of the loan principal.
Lending will be made only to business entities, including family or commercial farms, operating from an established location within the county.
This system will create a grassroots "bottom-up" economic infrastructure to parallel the "top-down" Federal Reserve System which is collapsing. Transfers between local savings banks and the banks of the Federal Reserve System will be denominated in U.S. dollars with vouchers redeemed within the banking system.
The system could be implemented within a matter of weeks through seed-money provided by the federal government. It could be replicated by any other nation.
It is requested that readers give this plan the widest possible distribution.
Copyright 2008 by Richard C. Cook
Richard C. Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst, whose career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department. His book on monetary reform, entitled We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform, will soon be published. His website iswww.richardccook.com. Comments or requests to be added to his mailing list may be sent to EconomicSanity@gmail.com. His speeches on YouTube can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GracchusJones.
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