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Europe The First Brzezinski
War Casualty?

By Franco Macchi
The long-prepared Russian naval base in Syria , being finalized at full speed. Deployment of advanced weapons (including nuclear ones) in Syria , Iran is also contemplated. This is the first of several "automatic" responses by Russia to the signaling of the US-Poland anti-Russian missile deal.
-- Brzezinski's provocation in Georgia is producing a worldwide strategic realignment with the immediate emerging of two worldwide blocks marching toward a war confrontation.
-- While the "old" Europe countries ( France , Germany , Italy ) are been pressured into the trap of "support for Georgia ," countries like Turkey are considering a dramatic change of strategic position.
-- The countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (and its military alliance) are expected to upgrade their military deployment in response to Brzezinski criminal breaking of the present fragile world equilibria (Memento June 28 1914)
-- Brzezinski strategy (now the hegemonic policy in Washington ) is aimed, first and foremost, at forcing the "old" Europe to surrender its economic, military, political resources, to the war machine that is supposed to confront Russia and China in the most destructive violent confrontation the world has ever seen. If this happens Europe will be the first war casualty.
-- A resurgence of "terrorism" (i.e. unorthodox warfare) is to be expected as the two blocks deploy all their fighting resources -- openly and covertly.
-- Attempts of coup d'état and colored revolutions style destabilizations will multiply together with the use of World Human rights Courts operations. See for example, defenestration of Musharaff in Pakistan (similar to the Brzezinski ousting of the Shah of Iran) or the situation in Sudan.
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