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9/11/1 To 9/11/8 - Seven
Year Tribulation

By The Earl of Stirling
It has been seven long bloody years since the False Flag attack we know as 9/11. It may be that this is the Biblical Seven Year Tribulation, a "time of sorrows". But I am not using the term "Seven Year Tribulation" here so much as a Biblical/theological event but as the political and military event that has so negatively effected America, the Middle East, and the world at large.
The vast majority of Americans and educated people around the world no longer believe the official U.S. Government conspiracy theory of what happened on 9/11. That some 6'6" Arab guy sat in a cave in Afghanistan and ran the whole operation; causing the United States Air Force to stand down and causing the laws of physics to be suspended in the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings. That this same magician was so powerful that he secured thousands of followers for his global terror organization, whose name means "little toilet" in Arabic slang; and is still alive today, having evaded being captured by the strongest nation on earth for seven years.
If you have not been in a coma for the last seven years and still believe in the official conspiracy theory, you are either stupid or you simply will not allow yourself to face the reality of a world that is much more complicated and evil than you were raised to believe in. I have several intelligent friends who, despite all factual information, still believe the official conspiracy lie. It is scary to get outside of the box.
The last seven years have seen America, and many allies, engaged in two wars: Afghanistan and Iraq with a third war with Iran (and Syria/Lebanon) just waiting to happen. The United States has basically bankrupted itself fighting these wars. Even with the dollar being the international reserve currency (at least until recently), America is simply not able to afford the massive expense of multiple wars without ends. The economy is being kept together with bailing wire and chewing gum until after the November election; then the current recession is apt to become a all-out depression, perhaps the worst depression in history.
America's image in the world has been so tarnished that it will take many years to repair it. We have embraced the outright use of torture under the neo-fascist/neo-con administration of Bush/Cheney. Something that almost all of us would never have expected to ever see. We have off-shore prisons, both official and secret ones. Americas have suffered under a President who had no trouble telling a room full of people that "the Constitution is just a g--damn piece of paper". A President who has shredded as much of our tradition, honor, and constitutional principles as he could get by with during the post 9/11 seven years. We have had nothing but war, lies, and fear shoved on us for the last seven years.
This same administration is now intent on at least causing a new Cold War, if not a outright Third World War.
Yes it has been seven long years of tribulation. The scary thing is neither McCain nor Obama have rejected the basic agenda of the war party. Obama says we need to eventually get out of Iraq, but increase our military efforts in Afghanistan and he supports "all options" with regard to Iran. McCain is at least as war crazy as Bush and Cheney.
May God help us. We are in for even worse times to come and madmen are in charge of the sinking ship of state.
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