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20 Questions For Remote
Viewer Lyn Buchanan

By Cassandra "Sandy" Frost
Editor's Note: On November 28, 1995, CIA director Robert Gates disclosed on "Nightline" how the government had spent $20 million over two decades on the U.S. Army's highly classified remote viewing program. The next year, I learned about the top secret military unit made up of soldiers who used a protocol called remote viewing to spy on our Cold War enemies. Remote viewing, or RV, is a scientifically proven trainable set of steps so anyone can gather targeted information, using only a pen and paper, without the constraints of time and space. 
Over the next five years, I became more and more curious about this ability that seemed so natural to me. I had been trained in the Navy's advanced electronics program about polarity, magnetics, frequency and vibration and later served as an electronics tech in the USN's "Hunt for Red October" network. I regard psychic functioning or ESP as another way of communicating, much like the systems I'd learned about in ET school. Though we can't see radio waves fly through the air, we can hear what they are carrying. I mean, who hasn't known who was calling or had a dream that came true or had a feeling when someone close to you dies? Same kind of thing. In 2001, I attended my first RV conference. As I walked toward the registration table, I whispered to my huzby, "Look, honey, there is Lyn Buchanan!" I'd learned about Lyn and other STARGATE vets who came out after Gates' disclosure, as he basically threw these retired spies to the wolves. Or rather, the Soviet bears.
These guys had to go public to protect themselves.
Lyn was standing impressively in the lobby, letting everyone know how approachable he was. During a break between conference presentations, I decided to listen to what he was discussing with a guy in a suit. I stood there and listened as they openly discussed RV training, psychic abilities, the paranormal and ESP. In the middle of things, I spoke up and said "Wow, it sure feels good to know that I'm not crazy." Lyn looked down at me and in his gentle southern drawl said "Doesn't it?" This was a life changing moment for which I will always be grateful. I could now accept my own intuitive gifts as a natural way of walking between the seen and unseen worlds.
I listened to these jaw-dropping presentations, talked with presenters and participants and realized "No one is writing about this stuff! No one's covering it!" I began writing online after a ten year "Kid" break and spent the next year and a half covering the fields of intuition, remote viewing and consciousness.   In 2003, I wondered why a non profit RV group was begging for donations. It seemed strange that a bunch of retired spies who'd been funded by the CIA for decades would have trouble raising money. I asked for their tax returns and they told me to "cease and desist" as well as to "desist from any further communication in this regard," which is illegal.
Thus began my investigation into their non profit claims. Three years later, after they posted their compliance documents on line, I'd sit and wonder "Why in the hell did I spent so much time learning about non profit groups?" The next month whistle blower Vernon Hill sent me an email about the Shriners and here we are, at these seemingly unrelated crossroads, though they are anchored through non profit secrecy.
Now, meet world class remote viewer, trainer and artist, Lyn Buchanan.
You can thank me later.
Sandy Frost
Starbucks, WA
Thursday, October 09, 2008
This article has nothing to do with secret societies but everything to do with creating a society without secrets. Lyn Buchanan, U.S. Army ret, is a STARGATE vet, one of the few enlisted men who worked to help pioneer a new form of psychic spying AKA remote viewing (RV) during the Cold War.
Remote viewing is based on a set of scientifically proven protocols that can be taught to anyone who wants to gather information without the constraints of time and space, otherwise based on the laws of physics governing quantum non-locality.
RV was used by the military for over twenty years and was funded by the CIA, the DIA and other agencies who needed to combat our "psychic warfare gap" with the Soviet Union. 
Sergeant Lyn Buchanan came to the attention of commander of the U.S. Intelligence and Security Command, after getting mad and "blowing up" a far-reaching computer system in Europe.  The commander transferred Lyn to the special "psychic spying" unit at Ft. Meade, Maryland, where he planned to have Lyn affect and/or destroy enemy computer systems. "This plan was aborted for funding reasons," Lyn said. "I became one of the unit's Controlled Remote Viewers instead."
"I retired from the U.S. Army in 1992, and began working for a 'beltway bandit'," Lyn explained. "This is a term used for computer consultant companies found surrounding the Washington D.C. beltway that made their fortunes working mainly governmental contracts. I began building my own data analysis company, Problems.Solutions.Innovations or P.S.I. I still trained people within the intelligence community to remote view but after the CIA declassified the government's connection to and use of CRV,  P.S.I quickly took on the role of training CRV to the public. I used my skills from the unit, kept research data on the trained 'CRVers,' and developed new, civilian applications to make the technology more user friendly." 
"Thirty years later," he explained, "I am working to find the scientific and technological causes behind RV and maintain a strict database on all operations in order to conduct and document as much research as possible. "
"I've also developed techniques for enhancing the results of organized CRV efforts, have developed computerized analysis techniques for identifying, categorizing and predicting viewer error rates and have developed and maintained a database which tracks a trained viewer's individual strengths and weaknesses," Lyn continued. "I've also designed and written computer programs for the specific areas of CRV training, to aid and guide the student's progress."
"In addition to providing these standard computer systems-oriented data analysis and programming services, I also provide remote viewing services and training to both individuals and organizations. Our 'Assigned Witness Program' also performs a free public service to police and other public-funded investigative organizations and agencies who need someone to actually witness something that has already happened."
In addition to lecturing on and training others to RV around the world, Lyn has also authored two books, " The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military" and "Gravity Can Be Your Friend."
So, here are, in no particular order, 20 Questions for Lyn Buchanan:
1) Did you ever win a beauty contest?
Actually, I did. I forget how old I was - something like a few months or so. My mother entered me into the Corsicana (Texas) Methodist Women's Society's baby contest, and I was voted the most beautiful baby in Corsicana. I've been told that the prize I won was a lifetime membership to the society. Sorry to admit this, but my attendance has been pretty poor ever since.
2) You seem to have a bit of evangelist in you, including working as a Chaplain's assistant in the Army and a Methodist minister. Have you been able to square your Methodist minister background and the new realities you discovered before and after "the unit"?
I've always understood psychic ability to be a god-given gift. If that's the case, then I have a problem understanding why some people think it's a sin to use it. I think it is more of a sin not to.
3) Of the "gifts" one can have which one do you embrace the most?
Well, the one that has embraced me most is the one called "psychokinesis." That is, the ability to affect physical things mentally.
When did you notice it?
It started about the age of 12 years old. I guess that made me one of the "poltergeist kids." I've always seen them depicted on TV and in literature as being emotionally disturbed children who can't cope with reality. Come to find out, though, they are the ones who get the press because they are the ones who fit what the psychiatrists want to believe. In reality, there seem to be many "poltergeist kids" who are not emotionally disturbed at all. I gave a talk at a psychiatrists' convention once and started my talk with, "I grew up with a psychological problem with which most of you are unfamiliar..... I was healthy and happy."   
Is it still part of your everyday life?
Rarely, now, but sometimes, yes.
4) You are a world renowned RV trainer. Have you thought of developing a RV curriculum for 7th graders?
No. Not in the U.S., at least. This is such a litigious country that even with parental permission, I would be afraid to teach children these skills. If, say, one of them grew up and had any kind of mental or emotional problems even decades later, some slick-willy lawyer would find a way to blame it on me. I have seen, though, that children of that age are probably at the most opportune time for learning these skills. China and other countries who have these programs have proven that.
5) Studying and grasping German, Russian, Mongolian and Spanish means that one also understands the rules and formulas of language. Does this also translate to understanding the "language" and/or rules and formulas from which remote viewing has grown and evolved?
To a great deal, yes.
Have you noticed a tendency for those who are either linguists or mathematicians or physicists to grasp RV better than others?
Well, as far as being able to grasp it well enough to use it - and to use it effectively, probably not. The rules and protocols are fairly easy for anyone to learn. But, as far as being able to understand it at its deepest levels, I think so. We had many linguists in the military unit, and while they were no better at the easy targets and simple tasks of remote viewing, when it came to the really complex and difficult tasks, it seemed to be the linguists who did the best work.
6) Did you ever RV in Russian or use Russian to RI or RV in a language other than English?
Sure. Every language has small nuances that are different from other languages. The difficult and complex targets contain those nuances, and it is quite often that a word comes out in a foreign language, simply because the subconscious mind wants to tell us that the nuance is there.  
7) What are your top three greatest remote viewing discoveries?
Well, let's see. I could make a huge list, but I think that the most basic ones would be...
1. That I could do it, and that with the proper training, I could do it with complete control. 
2. That I'm no different from anyone else - they can do it, too.
3. That after all is said and done, it really is OK to be psychic.
8) Describe please your new Operational Training Program and the Professional Controlled Remote Viewer's Association?
There is an International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), which I helped form, and of which I am a board member. It is open to all sorts of things which people call "remote viewing", whether it is scientific or not. Basically, it is an organization for bringing the generic ability of controlled psychic functioning into the public's awareness.
Then, my company has recently set up Professional-level training for advanced-level viewers in order to teach them how to work in the real world. It's one thing to learn the skills of remote viewing. It is a totally different thing to take those skills into the real world and put them to use helping police, businesses, archeologists, scientific R&D people, moon- and space-development, etc. We take the most advanced viewers and, through a program of easing them into "on the job training," under the tutorship of already professional viewers, we move them into a professional status. Once they achieve that professional level, they enter a professional association, the Professional Remote Viewer's Association, which is not connected to our company, where they are able to start their own businesses, and are able to hold their own, with respect and integrity, in the harsh realities of modern criminology, business, the sciences, and life. That professional association is self-regulating and provides it members with support, guidance, continuing education, development opportunities, and every other thing which professional associations provide.
9) Why is it important to standardize and help others create their own RV businesses?
The way the "psychic community" is today, everyone is a self-styled "expert." There is no organization, no dependability, no qualifying authority, and no one who can vouch for any psychic who puts up a sign on their lawn. When you go to a psychic, you have no idea whether you're being taken or not. The professional association sets levels of dependability, they closely monitor the work of their members, and because they are very strict about databasing and documentation, they are able to tell you, within a hundredth of a percent, how dependable and reliable each of their members are. Many psychics think that because they are psychic, they are good at everything. Not true. Every psychic and every remote viewer has individual strengths and weaknesses. The professional association tracks these strengths and weaknesses and can therefore guide you to the person whose talents and training are best suited to your individual needs. The ability to do all that is a direct result of standardization and computer tracking of their results.
10) Do you foresee a time in the future when the RV community will come together, hold hands and sing "Kumbaya?" Why or why not?
Not in the near future. There are too many egos at work, too many self-styled "experts," and too many people who have political ambitions within the community, wanting to gain authority, prestige, power, etc. However, this ability is real, and at some time in the distant future, there will be such a need for a coherent community that it will have to happen. That is what happened with doctors, hypnotists, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. But even still, within those communities, there are and always will be "quacks." You can expect the same to happen in this field, too.
11) Why do you think there is so much fighting in the RV community and not enough results based research?
Egos. Too many people see their own psychic ability as something that makes them special. They go around preaching that "everyone can do it," but they don't see it as something that makes them merely normal. Added to that, you have a new (well, almost 30 years, now) science coming into the psychic community and saying, "Here's what we've found through experimentation and accurate record-keeping." For many of the practitioners of psychic abilities, the collected research and data prove that the old ways are insufficient, or even completely wrong. They feel threatened by that. They fight it.
12) You seem to have great expertise in overcoming fear of psychic discovery. Can you explain how these fears may have at any point shackled you and how you overcame your fear/s?
When I was a little past 14 years old, I had firmly learned that I had these abilities, and actually enjoyed using them, trying new things, etc. Then, one day, I was showing off for a cute, little red-headed girl (my life and Charlie Brown's have many things in common), and she was so impressed that she went home and told her father - the Pentecostal preacher. You can imagine what happened after that. He and three deacons held my head down to the sidewalk one day as I went home from school. They were crying, yelling, and screaming for God to cast the evil of Satan from me. Well, I was raised to believe that if the preacher said it, then God said it. From that point on, I fought the abilities as hard as I could. It was after an uncontrolled incident in Augsburg, Germany, that I was brought to D.C. and placed into the remote viewing unit. On the first day there, Skip Atwater took me over to the operations building and sat me down, looked me square in the eyes, and said, "I want you to know that in this room - it's OK to be psychic." It was like a life-long burden listed from me that day, and I was free, again.
13) How many people has P.S.I trained?
A little over 600, to different levels. Not everyone needs to be so advanced that they can do governmental espionage work. Some realize that it can help put them head and shoulders above the competition in their workplace, and we teach them to the levels they need.
How many trainers have you trained?
One. It took her 6 years of training before I let her have her first basic-level class. Her name is Lori Williams, and she is, by far, one of the best teachers in the world, today.
14) What are the top three things a RV trainer must keep in mind, whether it's personal or professional?
1. The student is more important than the teacher. The student is worth every sacrifice the teacher makes.
2. Be honest. Sometimes, proper training takes a huge amount of painful honesty.
3. Never cheat a student. That's in terms of money, time, training, or simply caring.  
15) Is there a screening process used to assess potential students and/or those seeking advanced training?
In the military, there was, but there, I could order a student to practice, and not let them advance until they were ready. In the civilian world, you have to face things like the students only being able to get one vacation a year, so you advise and advise, and then hope for the best. Every class after the basic, we run every student through a day of detailed re-familiarization before letting them continue on into the next level of instruction.
16) You describe CRV as the ability to "bring something which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface, and objectify it." How can one objectify an intangible target into something tangible?
Language and training. In reality, one of the most basic purposes of the Controlled Remote Viewing structure and protocol is to get the viewer's subconscious awareness to the conscious level, where it can be reported. As such, that part of it is an interview process. One of the greatest secrets of remote viewing is that it is as much a physical discipline as it is a mental one. The subconscious and conscious don't speak the same language, and can't talk to each other. However, both minds can talk to the body. So, in Controlled Remote Viewing, we teach the viewer's body how to be the translator between the two. After that, the two can converse. We teach them a physical language.
17) What are your greatest passions? (Suggestions: Linda, Bear, your artwork, training, your kids, etc?)
I've been called a "renaissance man" so many times, that I almost believe it. I'm interested in everything. I paint, sculpt, invent, garden, build, etc., etc. Yadda-yadda-yadda. One of the things that separates normal remote viewers from "world-class" professional ones is the ability to truly get interested in a target. One of my students asked me how to do that. The question struck me as totally strange. The only answer I could give was, "How do you not?"
18) As the pioneer of computer enhanced remote viewing training, what are your latest CRV training computer achievements?
In the civilian world, everyone is spread out all over the world. We don't have a "unit" to go to on a daily basis to do our work. So even the simplest organization takes time. But the internet has come to the rescue perfectly. We are in the process of computerizing the process. That is, a customer comes with a task. The task is typed into our program, and the computer automatically suggests which viewer(s) will be best for that task. Then, when the Project Manager OKs its selection, the viewers are automatically notified and given the tasking. They put their results into the computer, and as they do, the computer generates a beginning report which goes to the Analyst along with the viewers' results. The Analyst critiques and finalizes the report, presses the enter key and the results are sent to the Project Manager, who reviews it and gets back to the customer. The total time for getting an answer back to the person who needs is has been drastically reduced through this process.  
19) What were you doing the eight minutes before you saw the 9/11 attack and how did witnessing the attack affect your life?
I was just getting up in my hotel room when the first plane hit. I went to see if I could help and was four blocks from the buildings when the second plane hit. It seemed like some kind of unreal TV production until I saw the people falling from the building. The news stated that they jumped. They didn't. They held on for dear life until their arms burned off, and then they fell. A friend of mine and I were headed down there to see if we could help, but got turned away by a policeman. It took me over a year to realize what effect it had on me, but I finally realized that survivor's guilt is a real thing. Who knows whether some people could be alive today if I had just gone on and helped. Of course, I could have been one of the casualties, too. Anyway, for the year following, my life was a total wreck.
20) Please share the latest developments about your artwork? Can you describe it, how you came up with the idea and your latest showings?
I have always worked in oils, but one day decided to get the picture the way I wanted it on the computer before putting it into oil. I got so fascinated with the computer art that I do that almost exclusively, now. People look at it and say, "Oh, that was done on the computer." They really have no appreciation for it after that. But believe it is much, much harder. A lot of it centers around space and the future of mankind, since those are interests of mine. Last year, I had a showing at the Space History Museum in Alamogordo, and this year, there was convention centering around a reunion of the DCX crews, researchers, and staff. The DCX was the first attempt at a space shuttle, and laid the groundwork which pioneered man's travel into space. Anyone who wants to see some of my artwork can go to http://www.crviewer.com/Art/artIndex.asp
This is the end of our interview.
So, can learning to remote view become the secret of your success?
Learning to RV can help you in ways you've never imagined, personally, professionally and otherwise.
Lyn can teach you how.
His website is http://crviewer.com .
You will be able to read more about Lyn, and other RV pioneers in "The Cassandra Frost Collection: Articles on Intuition, Remote Viewing and Consciousness," soon to be published by Carol Adler and Dandelion books.
You can read my blog  here
My column, "by Sandy Frost," is here: http://sandyfrost.newsvine.com
Peace and Love and all that.
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