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Unpleasant Abduction
Facts From Research

By Ted Twietmeyer

If you are someone who frightens easily, live alone or are about to retire to bed alone I suggest you do not read this material now. I will only tell it like it is and it will not be pleasant. After years of seeing only highly watered down accounts in the media about the abduction issue, it's time to tell it like it is.

Abductions are not myths, wishful thinking or the result of a crazed mind. They are not all alien or demonic in origin, despite what uninformed individuals or well-meaning Christians might thing. In fact, my years of research has found that few if any, are demonic in origin. Tests have shown that even the deepest, fervent prayers uttered by former abductees to God will NOT stop further abductions. This may be a big disappointment to Christians, but it is a fact.

If you are not familiar with the two stories about the couple who has been abducted and their car moved overnight, first read:



Based on the current evidence and known facts, one of the following three theories answers who the couple's abductors are. For abductions of other people, probably one of the three descriptions below describe who the abductors are too:

1. A covert part of the government, perhaps affiliated with the lesser-known US Space Command (USSC.) The formation of USSC was announced back in the 1990's (when it was officially formed,) but since then we've heard nothing at all about what they do. Their website says almost nothing about what they do, but does provide some photos of their people receiving awards. The USSC is also part of the USAF. During some abductions officers in dark blue uniforms have been observed taking notes. Dark blue is also the color of the USAF dress uniform. How these people can stand the powerful stench of abduction rooms is amazing in itself. Perhaps the men observed aren't even human and were put there for the edification of those who retain memories of their abductions. Some people recall everything without requiring hypnosis.

2. A division of the US military or shadow government is assisting alien races to take people, as the result of some sick and twisted deal made a very long ago. They may have moved the car and returned it. We can be sure that in the end, it will be the humans that will get the short end of that deal.

3. A completely alien group is doing it to the couple. Perhaps hybrid aliens (which are almost human) moved the vehicle.

The morning the vehicle was found moved it was making a ticking noise as it cooled down. This probably came from the exhaust system (perhaps the catalytic converter or heat shield) as it does with many cars and trucks. If the vehicle was levitated aboard the spacecraft, it's seems highly unlikely they would have started the engine. 

Engines may not run anywhere near some spacecraft. There may be residual effects that kept the car from working right for some time that morning. The reason this happens is that some propulsion systems cause a warp of local space-time, or what some call the continuum. Some spacecraft can draw their energy from the surrounding continuum and any other energy source in the surrounding area. This basically "freezes" time in the area and causes electrical devices to cease functioning. When the spacecraft leaves, vehicles and electrical devices usually work normally again. In the case of the car involved with the couple, it did not.

The couple's abductions are the functional equivalent of water-boarding since severe torture has been involved. But there is a big difference between being abducted and water-boarded. Abduction torture is 100 times worse than waterboarding. Probes with multi-dimensional capability are often used which penetrate the body. This causes searing, excruciating pain and leaves no marks - except on the person's spiritual being. And the person taken has no idea what will happen to them, if they will they die or be returned. A few hours "up there" would seem like an eternity.

I have also collected evidence that time travel is sometimes used. That is, people are taken for days at a time and then returned about the same time they were taken. However, the time-line remains undisturbed to those still on Earth. Those abducted were never missing.

Perhaps the worst part of it all is the agenda. Abductions are not always about "collecting DNA" or experimenting as many people ignorantly think. Instead, it's often about creating incredible terror in abductees and harvesting the energy of that terror. Humans radiate negative energy when terrorized and traumatized. Terror may also infuse human excrement and urine with chemicals released by the body, and may be the real reason these materials are often collected from abductees with specialized equipment. 

The actual purpose for any abduction is completely related to who the abductors are and what race they are. Harvesting the negative energy (and waste products) is something similar to a vampire-like scenario. In the couple's case, it's negative human energy which is being taken instead of blood.

There are potential hazards of using the flash teleport system on a regular basis. There's almost no way that using a teleport system frequently will not be harmful to human DNA over the long term. A time gradient in the transport energy field can affect DNA. Even the comparatively low power of cell phones is known to alter DNA. Altered DNA is a cause of cancer, as a result of "switching off" the cell replicating counter.

Apparently the abductors could care less about harming people, since they are considered a renewable resource. Many races look at us with the same regard as we do a cockroach. To them there is nothing wrong with what they do, much like how humans on Earth do not care what happens to cockroaches. For some races harvesting negative energy is simply a way of life...and unfortunately we're on the receiving end of what they do. Like it or not, WE are cockroaches to them.

In the animal kingdom, there is a hierarchy of life from bacteria all the way up to people. The races "up there" are higher up in the developed order of life than people. This is just how it is, like it or not.

But none of this is meant to indicate we cannot fight back. Everything in the universe has a weakness, and it requires time and effort to find it.

Grays are being used to assist the US government or shadow government. People often mistake the grays as the abductors. But usually they are no more the real abductors than an actor on a stage is the person paying for the production costs of a play. Grays are often used as pawns in the abduction show to do the dirty work. They have repeatedly been seen at the start and end of abductions, even though the race in charge of the work going on "up there" may be human or alien.

Grays often prepare abductees for transport. Since grays have no soul and very few emotions, any race who grows and uses them doesn't care what happens to them. These beings are like an emotionless android, except that they are organic and have telepathic powers over human beings. This is why they are used. When a gray stops functioning correctly it's simply replaced.

Humans (military) would need to take medication to prevent a gray from mentally taking control of them. The medication also alleviates the deep fear one experiences from simply seeing one or being around them.

As the military uses them, grays are treated like the functional equivalent of black slaves in America's history. The question arises - what happens if they revolt one day or find a way around the medication? They have a hive mentality, and might be quietly working on this in their "spare time." And if the grays win - will they take out their pent-up anger from being slaves for decades on the rest of humanity? What happens if others of their race come to their rescue one day and take over? Although we think things are bad now - they could actually get even worse. Civilization as we know it could come to a complete end in an instant.

Additional evidence has been obtained that instead of abductees being taken once or twice a year or once a month - some people are now taken more than once a week. Self-help groups who call themselves "experiencers" have no idea what they are glorifying and smiling about. Sure, there may be some friendly races visiting Earth - but apparently very few. People who are taken by any race are never asked for permission to be taken, nor can they select what race they go with.

Ignorantly desiring contact with an alien race has the same pot luck as a driver who picks up a hitch-hiker.

Apparently time must be running out for doing abductions, since the pace and frequency is accelerating. Perhaps they know some form of galactic police are coming to clean house. Or those doing the abductions have enemies coming for them. It's a big universe out there and anything is possible. We can only hope.

It's my personal opinion that Homeland Security was formed to deal with an already out-of-control abduction problem. Terrorism was only the cover story. It was president Reagan that talked about how an outside alien threat would unify mankind. And who's the head of Homeland Security? Michael Chertoff - who has dual nationality but no one cares. Why doesn't anyone ever ask WHY no one cares?

Ted Twietmeyer


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