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USAF Officials Take
The Rap For Bush

By Ted Twietmeyer
Back on August 31st, 2007 nuclear weapons were flown across America in violation of US law. We heard a brief statement from the Pentagon at the time that a big investigation would be conducted by the Pentagon. This was the military equivalent of the fox investigating the dead chickens found in the henhouse, but we'll ignore that for now.
The general assumption by government and media is that Americans have a short memory. Perhaps this is true to some extent, but many of us do not. Most hypocritical about western civilization including the US, is how the average person is completely accountable for every mistake, crime and error they make. Punishment for even minor offenses ranges from a fine, to losing a job or an involuntarily stay in the big house without door knobs.
But if you're the "Commander in Chief" you can be like many mafia bosses which have been nicknamed "Tefflon Dons" by the media, because no criminal charges will stick to them. (Tefflon misspelled here intentionally.)
We have had the "Tefflon President" (TP) for eight long, painful, America-destroying years that has seemed like a century. The TP may have instituted Homeland Security ­ but he has also strived to wreck America which has resulted in nothing but insecurity.
There is no need to review his record of offenses - to list them all would fill a book. For now, we will focus on the incident of two good USAF men being shown the door. After all, when it's stated to them "resign or get fired," resigning IS being shown the door. A rose by any other name
A few years ago, we watched former CIA director George Tenent stand up and testify giving the unvarnished truth in front of a senate subcommittee on CSPAN about 9-11. I saw this and said to my wife, "He'll be gone soon." And he too, was shown the door. Of course, he announced he was leaving for "family matters."
Let's apply cold, hard logic to Mr. Tenent:
Is George Tenent independently wealthy and can afford to quit? No.
Could he go on the lecture circuit like former presidents? No, his work was classified. About all Mr. Tenent can talk about in the public infamous CIA fact-book, which gives detailed data on each country of the world (yawn.)
So what did George Tenent gain from quitting a reasonably secure, high paying job? Not a thing.
Yet he quits his job for family matters? That would only make things worse.
Yet another rose by any other name
But when you're even higher in government ­ a.k.a. "The Executive Branch," you can literally get away with three thousand murders in 2001 and many thousands more since overseas yet never be held accountable by any mortal man.
But mark my words - sooner or later, all of it will catch up with him.
If you are Mr. Tefflon, you can order nuclear weapons flown over US soil ­ yet another violation of the law. He let the investigation run its course, then pinned the blame on the highest ranking career officers he wised to remove. There must always be a scapegoat to take the rap somewhere. The white house has repeatedly lied to the media on numerous occasions, and it's lying yet again when it says it had nothing to do with this. Those USAF officers who resigned were at the very top of the USAF chain of command.
These same men,  Chief of staff Mosely and Secretary Michael Wynn are taking the rap for everything gone wrong in the past ­ including warhead components shipped to Taiwan "by mistake." This story has the same tone of honesty as a crooked police officer planting an unregistered gun in someone's vehicle.
Minot airbase near Bismarck, North Dakota is where the nuclear weapons originated. CNN announced on May 30, 2008 that same base failed an inspection. [1] How convenient that this takes place now. It was just two months ago in March 2008 that Minot was re-certified to handle nuclear weapons. And now we hear about the resignation of top veteran USAF officers!
As I've stated clearly in a former essay some months ago, there has been a chain of command in place for some 50 years to control the movement of any nuclear weapon from storage to an aircraft. Stored in specially sealed and tamperproof containers, these weapons require sign-offs by safety officers for removal from storage and special containers, ordinance officers who handle them and everyone else down the line that has any responsibility associated with them.
Since the US military is staffed by an all VOLUNTEER force, why would an entire chain of command and airmen put all their careers, reputations, paychecks and retirement pensions at risk and risk a courts martial and possible time in Leavenworth? It's not possible to justify such an idea, yet that's what we've been led to believe. Instead, two innocent men are punished to make it all believable to the public and satisfy the public's need for justice in the matter.
Sharp military people put numerous safeguards in place in the middle of the last century to prevent this very thing from happening. But above all, to move even one of these weapons out of storage onto a plane (and there were six of these weapons) requires an EXECUTIVE ORDER from none other than the president.
Without question, all the officers involved are well aware of the regulations and laws for handling and transporting these weapons. It was all part of air force specialized training long before they were assigned to the airbase. These men and women absolutely know that it is clearly against US law to fly these weapons over US soil in a condition of being ready to drop.
Pilots can tell nuclear weapons are present, too. A former USAF pilot told me "you KNOW when these things are on board. The plane handles completely differently." So why would the pilot and copilot put their careers, retirement, etc... at risk?
Why was this law preventing the over-flying of American airspace with nuclear weapons enacted? Because of earlier accidents. The details about one such accident are eerily similar to the final scenes of "Dr. Strangelove" where actor Slim Pickins rode a nuclear bomb down to ground zero. Perhaps this is where Kubrick got the idea:
On March 11, 1958 a U.S. Air Force B-47 Stratojet from the Hunter Air Force Base's 308th Bombardment Wing in Savannah, Georgia took off around 4:34 p.m. It was scheduled to fly to the United Kingdom for Operation Snow Flurry. The plane was required to carry real Mk-6 nuclear bombs in the event of war breaking out with the Soviet Union.
Air Force Captain Bruce Kulka was the navigator and was summoned to the bomb bay area after the captain of the plane had encountered a fault light in the cockpit indicating that the bomb harness locking pin for the transatlantic flight did not engage. As Kulka was reaching around the bomb to pull himself up, he mistakenly grabbed hold of the emergency release pin. The Mk-6 bomb dropped to the floor of the B-47 and the weight of the Mk-6 forced the bomb-bay doors open, with the bomb plummeting 15,000 feet to Earth.
Although the bomb did not contain the removable core of fissionable uranium and plutonium (the core was securely stored in a containment area onboard the plane), it did contain thousands of pounds of conventional high explosives. The resulting explosion created a mushroom cloud and crater estimated to be 75 feet wide and 25­35 feet deep. It destroyed the residence of a William Gregg and leveled nearby trees. Nobody was directly killed from the blast but several people were injured from the explosion. [2]
Other accidental bomb drops over American soil include incidents near Atlantic City, New Jersey (1957) and Goldsboro, North Carolina (1961). [3] It's also possible that since 1961 further nuclear accidents have been covered up of classified to prevent further embarrasment.
Yet the incident at Minot Airbase burns brightly like a shining star, distracting public attention far away from Washington where the guilty party is who ordered this event. And the scapegoats are two career officer who lost everything to protect their crooked Commander in Chief.
This is just another case of protecting the guilty and punishing the innocent.
The question that remains is simple ­ how much longer will the military put up with Mr. Tefflon? When will they finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/05/30/nuclear.mistake.inspection.ap/index.html
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Bluff
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapons_and_the_United_States
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