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Stanley Ann Dunham's Revenge
By Lame Cherry
Almost 48 years ago, a young girl transplanted from Kansas decided in her comfortable life that she would take revenge on her white, American, Christian soldier father for the humiliation she endured in being named a boy.
She remembered the playground days of yearly the teacher would announce, Stanley Dunham in the first day of school's roll call and how she would have to explain she was not a boy. Then would come the long questions on the public classroom stage and the taunting from children later "Stanley, panly the girl is manly".
She remembered her driver's test, the birth certificate all glaring at her the name Stanley Ann Dunham, the boy her father never had and the name she was humiliated by.
There is not a person reading this who did not suffer through the same thing.
Normal children though frown over it. Normal teenagers shrug over it and normal adults just laugh over such things, but Stanley Ann Dunham was not normal and nor did she raise a normal son.
Ms. Dunham though chose the most childish of measures not quite figuring out she would be punishing herself as much as her family, but when teenage girls search for love and revenge the psychological choice is sex with a naughty boy and a bouncing baby so they will not be alone in the misery of the world.
Stanley could not have found a better choice for her target of revenge and must have almost got the vapors. Here she had Barack Hussein Obama, a man so black from Africa and so communist that if could hide in the dark if he didn't smile, except for that big red communist flag he had on wearing a white Muslim turban heritage.
Stanley had her package of racism to betray her white parents as she had been betrayed, traitor to offset her father's patriotism and the most wonderful of guess who is coming home to dinner.
Stanley Ann Dunham had her revenge and had it in spades.
As with most revenge plans which are served up in passionated hotness, Stanley had a bit of a surprise as her husband was already married and then he dumped her.
A shotgun marriage did not appeal to Barack sr. as no one is mentioning arithmetic in this that Barack was born on August 4th, 1961, his lusty parents were married on February 2, 1961 as Stanley apparently was starting to show from the fornicating November 2, 1960.
Yes Barack Obama was a miracle baby otherwise in being full term at 7 months.
Stanley was born on November 29, 1942, common math would show that Stanley Ann Dunham was 17, and although Hawaii is a pedophile's dream in the age of consent is logged at 14 years old in 1961, it remains a fact that a 24 year old college male was sexing a 17 year old high school girl.
Not a great thing on the presidential resume, but the story continues.
So, Stanley was sitting alone again in her pregnant misery, but decided she could gain some extra mileage by going to Canada and having her son registered as a British subject in one final slap at baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.
This conclusion is based upon Barack jr. having put forward a forged birth certificate out of Hawaii, he being registered not as "born" but a live birth which appeared at two hospitals and the circumstances which point that Stanley Ann Duhman Soetoro did the same thing when she repeated her performance and married an Indonesian Muslim in exercising her demons, as Maya, Barack's half sister is listed as being born in the months of August and September.
Registering babies late when born in other countries seems a Stanley trait.
The years then rolled by and revenge becomes very stale and cold as you daily look at a black boy who reminds you not just of his black father getting the better part of sex and dumping you, but that this boy is a reminder of how moronic you are.
A woman just can not dive into primitive cultures and get enough degrees to shed that fact.
So excuses are made after indoctrinating him in Islam, and, as the final revenge as her parents demanded that Barry be illegally registered as an American, Stanley dumped this little boy onto her white parents to punish them as a reminder which would cut them daily into how she failed them.
Her id would say, "You wanted a son so bad daddy, well have a black one in your Christian virtue that you can't turn out as you love him like family. Enjoy."
..........and Stanley Ann Dunham had her revenge.
The story though continued as little boys still love their mothers and as they try to figure out why mommy abandoned them they find an Uncle Frank Marshall Davis who is a communist kook who hates white people, Christians and America to try and tailor himself into that dark skinned man mommy always marries.
Yes, Oedipus Rex was alive and well in the troubled messiah to be Barry Obama.
Barry though would leave the Barry behind as he plunged into understanding how to deal with "white folk" grandparents and that colleges and white girls just liked the exotic nature of the Barack Hussein Obama aura fiction.
Barack being still psychologically scarred would tire of white girls, find a black image of his mother's hatred in his wife Michelle, find black clergy who would espouse hatred for America and surround himself with terrorists of American and Middle Eastern sort.
Still though the emptiness would not end.
So, in addition there was drug use, which still is an addiction to nicotine as he self medicates in chain smoking and the little problem of Lawrence Sinclair and other white males who Barack Obama was choosing to replay in his own way his mother's psychopathy, but in Lawrence Sinclair he could dominate a white man who was serving him. Barack would measure his own revenge out, too.
In those moments, Barack Obama had lulls in the emptiness.
As this now turns to the present, we see that Stanley Ann Dunham is about to unleash her final revenge on the nation, religion and people she so loathed.
She produced a son and turned him into an indoctrinated pawn let loose on the world where a willing cartel plucked him up and groomed the troubled adult child knowing he could be manipulated and blackmailed.
Mr. Obama was never intended to be anything, but a "bring in the black vote candidate". He though being adopted as white Kennedy and now as a Polish Brzezinski has reams of fathers and finally by being President in his mind he will find the salve to be accepted and he can tell himself that mommy would accept him now.
Barack always wanted to be president of some nation as a child, not America, but some nation. He wanted to be empowered and accepted, because he was not getting that at home.
Stanley Ann Dunham's revenge is still playing out on America. Barack is suffering from a number of psychopathies and as his current transformation shows he is leaving being a black liberal to be a white socialist all for the cure he will deny himself for, but reveals he is not ready to be leader of anything.
Stanley Ann Dunham's revenge as this plays out is not going to be revenge on white America, Christian America or Patriotic America. She created a boy who when he fails will so destroy the profile of minorities that America will not advance them again for a generation.
If this was in her racism of using black people was what Ms. Dunham wanted, it is doubtful as she did not expect anything out of Barack really. He was always just that symbol which liberal women check off in career, husbands and 2.1 children.
Stanley is though one woman in revenge who will have revenge on her son, on Americans white and black.  And if he gains the White House, probably on the world as she never saw that she was the problem...and was blaming her own warped hurts on that cruel world out there.
None of this is going to have a good ending, but Stanley Ann Dunham will have her revenge on all.
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