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Fear $5 Gas? 
Imagine $10-15 Per Gallon
(That Is, If You Can Even Get It)
By Douglas Herman
"I can't imagine anyone here wanting to spend another $30 billion to be there (Iraq) for another 12 years."     -Paul Wolfowitz, February 2003.
What combination of events pushed the price of oil from $24 a barrel to nearly $150? Why is gas nearly $5 a gallon in the US? You need look no further than seven years of Neocon criminality in the Middle East. As Wolfowitz said before the war: "There's a lot of money to pay for this. It doesn't have to be U.S. taxpayer money (!!!!). We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon."
Wolfowitz got rewarded with a job at the World Bank for his criminality. The American taxpayer, an estimated $3 Trillion poorer, got deservedly reamed for swallowing that huge lie while applying flag magnets and stickers to their lumbering SUVs. Not included in Joseph Stiglitz's accounting of The Three Trillion Dollar War (Google) were the
additional Trillions (and counting) of rapidly inflated US dollars picked from the pockets of patriotic motorists by the oil inductry at the gas pumps.
The predictable result?  A debased US dollar, an ongoing oil cartel conspiracy, scores of costly bases built by corrupt contractors in Iraq and $5 gas. Oh yeah: More war on the way.
Louder Than Words.
Anyone who listens can hear lots of signals being sent by Neocons and Zions of an upcoming attack on Iran. You don't need a weatherman or pundit to predict which way the winds of war are blowing. Hot, dry and continued high pressure over the Middle East. The comment from McCain staffer, Charles Black, that a terrorist attack would help his boss? Probably true.
Dumb, disgruntled voters whining about $5 gas would likely rationalize that a former bomber pilot was the most reasonable choice for US president after such a hypothetical attack, while gas rose to $10-15 a gallon-if they could get it.
Recently Neocon stalwart, John Bolton, predicted Israel would attack Iran immediately following the US presidential election on November 4th. Thus a newly elected US president would face widespread riots at gas pumps and mini-markets, while the outgoing president would dispatch the US military to assist our "ally," Israel in the further spread of mayhem and democracy.
War hawk Bolton, who bolted to the National Guard during the Vietnam era, ("I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.") lamented the lack of US ambition to attack Iran ASAP. Predictably, Bolton provided no insight into the worldwide repercussions of a premeditated attack on Iran by either Israel or the US or combination of the two.
Pick Your Poison.
More than a year ago I wrote Aftermath, Day 2, The War With Iran. "By the middle of the second day, with reports of missile strikes on the Green Zone, the media spin became harder to control," I predicted. "The glorious flag-waving patriotism that followed 911 and the approach of the Iraq War never materialized. Along the smalltown streets of America, fewer folks unfurled a flag. Instead, lines of panicked motorists, faces stricken by the new reality of another war, a war they had chosen to ignore for so long, unfurled into every gas station in America as a frightened mob. Most rushed to the pumps with a single thought in mind: I am going to fill my SUV to the top and woe be to anyone who tries to stop me."
Wonder how many Americans will be killed in angry shoot outs at the gas pumps on that first day of chaos?
Recently former Army Intelligence specialist, David DeBatto, penned a scenario highly reminiscent called: An Iran Attack Scenario: A Catastrophe. DeBatto foresaw a much uglier scenario for America.
"In the immediate aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iran, the price of oil goes to $200.00 - $300.00 dollars a barrel on the open market. If the war is not resolved in a few weeks, that price could rise even higher. This will send the price of gasoline at the pump in this country to $8.00-$10.00 per gallon immediately and subsequently to even higher unthinkable levels."
"If that happens, this country shuts down," DeBAtto added ominously. "Most Americans are not be able to afford gas to go to work. Truckers pull their big rigs to the side of the road and simply walk away. Food, medicine and other critical products are not being brought to stores. Gas and electricity (what is left of the short supply) are too expensive for most people to afford. Children, the sick and elderly die from lack of air-conditioned homes and hospitals in the summer. Children, the sick and elderly die in the winter for lack of heat. There are food riots across the country. A barter system takes the place of currency and credit as the economy dissolves and banks close or limit withdrawals. Civil unrest builds.
"The police are unable to contain the violence and are themselves victims of the same crisis as the rest of the population. Civilian rule dissolves and Martial Law is declared under provisions approved under the Patriot Act. Regular U.S. Army and Marine troops patrol the streets. The federal government apparatus is moved to an unknown but secure location. The United States descends into chaos and becomes a third world country. Its time as the lone superpower is over."
Time To Call Conyers?
Ray McGovern, former CIA official and VIPS member, suggests the time to start screaming at our so-called elected officials is NOW. McGovern, quoted in an impassioned feature titled Iran Attack Coming Soon, wondered why the Democrats, and especially John Conyers, had abdicated their tough stance on impeachment. McGovern wanted to know why absolutely no one, besides some deposed patriotic Pentagon generals, weren't clamoring to slow the juggernaut to war in Washington DC. 
Expect $10-15 a gallon gas if any Iran attack happens soon. Expect, too, supplies to be restricted in these Times of War.
USAF veteran and longtime Rense supporter lives near Bullhead City, Arizona and believes a bike and a rational brain are the ultimate freedom machines.
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