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Truthers - The Moral Equivalent
Of Our Founding Fathers

By Douglas Herman
"The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." -Patrick Henry
A Truther---those wacky conspiracy nuts fixated on 911--will tell you things you really don't want to know. A Truther will explain, in great deal, minutia that may anger the great majority of otherwise good citizens, were they to listen.
Truthers will patiently point to a group of plotters, called the PNAC, who penned (and then signed) a document desirous of a New Pearl Harbor as the cornerstone to the 911 attack. The attack happened, and the subsequent sabotage of the American Republic happened thereafter, as Truthers dutifully note.
A Truther will withstand the witless attacks from the uniformed and misguided. Indeed, Truthers dare contradict the high priests of the Left and Right of the mainstream media---and grow stronger every day despite their concerted efforts to silence or destroy them.  Because, Truthers are first, foremost and forever, patriots and defenders of the truth instead. 
A Truther will not dance around the truth. We expect to hold the truth up to the light and examine it. A Truther does not deal in halfway measures,  as does Justin Raimondo, author of the Terror Enigma; 911 and The Israeli Connection. A revealing book that nearly, but not quite, implicates 200 Israelies in the 911 plot, as a False Flag operation.  Truthers want to know exactly how those Israeli "art students" were involved, and why those Dancing Israelis were celebrating the murder of 3,000 Americans? 
Truthers will brave heaven and hell and the incessant slanders of anti-Semitism to get to the truth. Truthers know no dual loyalties. If we claim Israeli involvement in the 911 plot, we intend to prove that involvement. How? In a court of law, which our opponents prevent us from pursuing, claiming proof is unnecessary.
Truthers brave cries of treason to ask, no DEMAND to know why the top heads of American intelligence were meeting the top head of Pakistan intelligence on 911. What did they discuss and why? Did John Kyl and Bob Graham and future CIA head, Porter Goss talk about that money transfer of $100,000 to alleged hijacker, Mohammed Atta by the Chief of Pakistan ISI at that breakfast? Why do only we Truthers want to know EXACTLY what was said at that breakfast meeting?
Truthers point to the 911 attack-the Inside Job-as the key to the entire theft of the republic. We claim the Bush­Clinton crime family is behind the cover-up of the 911 mass murder spree.  Liberal critics and outspoken opponents of Bush-Clinton call us morons and retards and tell us to shut up.
Truthfully, the well-respected editors and writers at Counterpunch, The Nation, Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, Alternet, ZNet, Vanity Fair, Democracy Now, etc should be among our best supporters, we reason. Instead, inexplicably, they ally themselves with the far Right, with Bush and Cheney, with Hamilton and Kean, with Rumsfeld and Giuliani, with all the adherents of the official government story of 911 events (as told by pathological liars, Bush-Cheney). Unexplainably, instead of aligning themselves with us, with those of us demanding a new unbiased 911 investigation, they align themselves with the very architects of corruption they claim to fight! 
Evidently, the so-called Liberal Left, like the so-called Conservative Right, truthfully aids and abets the war criminals in public office.  No other explanation seems to suffice.
As Bush-Cheney grow more and more corrupt, more and more ruthless, more and more diabolical, we Truthers become more and more believable.  How, you ask? Who would YOU rather believe is telling you the truth--- us or them?  A growing group of patriots or a pair of megalomaniacs?
Bush would never knowingly allow 3,000 Americans to die in a massive plot, would they Mr. Cockburn? What do you call the 4,000 Americans who died in a massive plot called Iraq ? Cheney is far too incompetent to be part of a plot resulting in the theft of billions at the WTC, isn't he Mr. Taibbi? What do you call the theft of billions for Cheney-connected cronies at Halliburton then?  Loyal and patriotic Pentagon officers would never ever knowingly stand down and allow unnecessary deaths of civilians, would they Ms. Goodman? Loyal and patriotic US generals would never ever willingly be part of a massacre, be part of treason, willingly be part of destroying the US Constitution, would they Mr. Albert, Mr. Monbiot?  No? What do you call the planned, upcoming war with Iran ? What do you call the unnecessary deaths of one million (and counting) Iraqis in a war based on lies? What do you call the poisoning of US troops with depleted uranium in the Middle East ? What do you call the theft of the Bill of Rights?
911, as we Truthers well know, was the Inside Job that allowed the perfidious neo-traitors to move forcibly to destroy not only the Middle East but eradicate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Imagine living in the tumultuous year of 1770, the year of the Boston massacre. Five years prior to the Declaration of Independence, with the newborn American Revolution still very much in-the-making, imagine YOU, a working class hero had to make a choice in 1770. Ideas were exchanged-and insults and fists too. The very idea of independence from England was treasonous to the great majority of colonists, called Loyalists. 
You tried to inform yourself, despite the shrill words from friends, family and co-workers. You rejected the lies and liars, the cowards and apologists for murder and tyranny.  You read Tom Paine, as we read Aidan Monaghan. You rallied to a fellow named Adams as we rally to a fellow named Avery. You spoke reverently the name of Attucks as we speak the name of Rodriguez. You echoed the stirring words of Patrick Henry as we reiterate the words of Bob Bowman and Gage, Griffin and Tarpley.
Truthfully, in 1770, Patriots were The Truthers of their day. Indeed, only six years later, they were the first to write: "We Hold These Truths To be Self-Evident."
Longtime Rense columnist, Douglas Herman penned the crime novel called The Guns of Dallas, attempting to examine the JFK assassination from a conspirators point of view,  and resides near Bullhead City , Arizona.
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