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China, India To Be Invited
Into Trilateral Commission

By Benjamin Fulford
The Trilateral Commission plans to invite China and India to join them next year, according to the Sankei Newspaper, one of Japan's leading dailies. http://sankei.jp.msn.com/world/america/080510/amr0805101854009-n1.htm
In an article dated May 10th, 2008, that somehow slipped under my radar screen, the paper, citing un-named Trilateral Commission sources, says many Trilateralists have been complaining in recent years that the commission should disbanded because, without India and China involved, it had become meaningless.
As a result of these complaints, it was decided at the April Trilateral meeting in Washington to invite China and India the club.
"Adding India and China to the commission will be an event of world historical importance," the paper quotes Masa Yamamoto, a Tokyo-based Trilateral commissioner, as saying.
Both Japanese and US Trilateral commission members have told me in the past the commission was becoming irrelevant. The Japanese members complained that the US and European members never took their advice and so that Japan was beginning to distance itself from the organization.
The Trilateral Commission was set up by David Rockefeller in 1973 because the members of the Bilderberg group refused to let Japanese join their club for racist reasons, commission members say.
The move to invite China and India to their club is probably too little, too late, given the rise of a world-wide anti-Rothschild alliance. However, taken in conjunction with the recent firing of Bush-Cheney linked Air Force Generals, the firing of Carl Rove, the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld etc. it may be that David Rockefeller has decided to make a move against the EU-based Rothschild faction of the Western secret government. In that case plans to create a world religion and a EU-based world government are doomed. We could be seeing the end of Zionist world control. Stay tuned.
Benjamin Fulford
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