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Give Your Heart
To The Hawks

Jim Kirwan
" I am holding the made world by the throat
Until I can make it change and open the knots that past time tied.
To undo past time and mend the finished world."
Robinson Jeffers by permission of Random House © 1933
In this final part of the Journey, a thirteen month commission, all the elements of the previous two paintings combine to end the cycle and begin the process all over again.
Part One dealt with the greed and envy associated with power and conquest at the transition point between the medieval world and the beginning of the industrial age. Part Two dealt with commercial excess built upon the falsified ruins of the past amid the blood and oil reflected in the waters that flow from what humanity chose to value.
In Part Three: the former city-states are evicting those that they find troublesome (lower left side of the image), in tightly formed knots of people that are being discarded from the systems of the powerful. One of these 'balls' has struck the reality of the rocks below which causes the individuals to break from their fellow prisoners in order to individually confront a mirror that shows them what their lives have been made of, and what they have not been living in.
Those with imagination and courage then pass through this mirror in spirit, where they rest a moment before beginning their individual assent, up the right hand side; until they become the one who holds the mirror and observes Prometheus unbound that brings the light of the sun to all that has gone before. It is the acceptance of this light of reality that enables us to free ourselves from the stranglehold of the owners and to try again "to mend the finished world"!
In this series of three, five and a half foot circles, I wanted to sound an alarm about what has happened and what was definitely coming back in 1973 ­ but most people only saw a lot of very unusual colors and a lot of intricate 'stuff.' Because art was not supposed to ever be about anything - in 1973! So for whatever reasons, this work while extremely commercially-popular from the Continent to Australia as well as in the US and Canada, was also an artistic failure in my eyes. This was my first internationally published work (1)
However at this time it could serve to illustrate some of what has gone before that need not continue if only we can individually find ways to finally awake to see what we have done, and that what we say we want contradicts all that we have said we stood for- practically from the start of this blood-soaked Empire that we've spent over two-hundred years building!
Why not take this plunge yourself and see what you can learn about who you are and what your life has been about, while we've been killing and maiming and generally bullying the entire world for all these recent decades ­ in broad daylight!
1) The Journey, a Triptych
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