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Where Freedom Once Thrived
By Jim Kirwan
With modifications from the agenda of the NOW & the NAU
"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots;
Now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues,
And courage shares the darkness,
With the corpse of private conscience.
Where dialogue and discourse thundered
Cowardice now crawls across an overcrowded floor.
Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence,
Are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in terror:
Of the hunger in the world outside.
The wolf of violence prowls beneath our bolted windows
Watching Justice sell herself on every corner;
While we beneath our private feather-beds of folly,
Mumble condemnations of the 'cancers' in our systems. . .
Observe this kneeling nation, clinging to our 'toys of plenty'
Crying out in darkness for release from all responsibility,
For what has come to pass.
While heedlessly we watch the rape of yesterday's required,
To subsidize the plunder of 'the tomorrow's of our lives.'
So many years ago when we were small,
Before the needles of affluence had addicted us to 'more'
We flung upon the world a special kind of pride.
Now arm-in-arm we go, inflated by our 'number-oneness.'
With our non-existent 'culture,' to worship in those temples
We have built with perpetuated blindness;
These are our 'institutions' that celebrate our monumental tribute To that Omni-present deity-Expedience with all her evil offspring,
Finding solace only there,
Among the gods of power, greed and vengeance
In a world made vicious,
By the hate and envy of our, oh so many criminal obsessions!
Our birthday party has arrived,
And here we sit: Bloated, bored and shapeless.
A headless eagle, shorn of wing and purpose, who's blood-drenched
Talons gleam with stolen billions,
Intermingled with the gore of needless
Deaths that also number in the billions. . .
Introverted and diminished now in the litter of excess;
The tarnished remnant of a nation that has finally killed its dreams,
In direct proportion to our attainment
Of that middle-middle nothingness that marks
Our every waking moment.
We have become what we once hated, and now we are as feared
Around the world, as we once were praised.
Truly there is nothing too contemptible now,
For USA Inc. to undertake,
Because we have learned how to eat our children and our dreams,
While we strive to kill what might remain of private conscience.
After only two-hundred and thirty-two years
We have come way past full circle
And have arrived in shredded rags to stand before the open
Gates of Hell-because now there is nowhere left for us to go!"
Happy Birthday America enjoy the charade, the fireworks and the bar- by; the music and the games-but whatever you do-do not dwell upon what 'we' have become, because this might cause you to have to act to put a stop to all of this! Hundreds of people have asked: "What can we do!" Here's one possibility. (1)
This place has become a sewer of competing lusts and has lost its charter as a nation-state. We have no borders, no common language; no heritage as such. We have no justice-system, no checks and balances against the fascist police state that we have become. We have no president, only a dictator that religiously observes the needs and demands that he was installed to create for the new Owners of this shabby and crumbling nation.
We have no infrastructure worthy of the name; our people have been left to die in a variety of ways that defy all expectations from anything that might have once called itself a government; and yet we have continued to pour billions into a bottomless pit called "HOMELAND Security whose only purpose seems to be to distribute checks to various gangs of thugs that masquerade as businesses that serve "the national security interests of the United States."
And while all of this is being done "to us" we still have no voice in any of the decisions that out new dictator continues to make, which threaten everything we once stood "for." Now, on the 232nd Anniversary of this once prominent nation-apparently the public sees no reason to alter anything they usually do on the coming holiday that marks this 'birthday' of something that no longer exists! (2)
Moreover, this nation has surrendered to Israeli interests time after time throughout the last sixty plus years; to the point that we might as well rename this place USrael. "Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, founding member of WeAreChangeLA, and founder of 'Jewish Voices of Conscience for Truth, Justice and Peace' stands up strong and challenges the LA City Council on the pending decision to hand the airport security contract for LAX over to a front (spy) company for the Mossad (Israeli covert intelligence apparatus like the CIA), the same spy company that was in charge of security for ALL of the airports involved on September 11, 2001 false flag operations." (3)
Further, since we have completely given the USA over to the support of Israel regardless of military, political or diplomatic costs to the well being of this country, we owe it to ourselves to look more deeply into exactly what our motivations have been regarding this unholy pact between the still unfinished Zionist State (created by a UN mandate), and ourselves. Israel has made her reputation by breaking international laws everywhere, and we have supported her even after she has blackmailed us and tried to sink the USS Liberty in the 1973 War.
"It's not odd at all, however, that the Jews would like to see all opposition to them crushed; that's only to be expected. But the really curious thing that is awakening suspicions among even some Liberals is that these extremely broad, blanket responses are their SOLE weapon of choice against us. This limited technique of theirs works fine when the opposition against them is patchy, insufficiently motivated and improperly informed. They can push for censorship on the grounds that ignorant bigots are spreading lies about them just because they're a minority race of people who are simply misunderstood. And for a long, long time now, that's worked well for them. But lately, things are beginning to change. In the face of an absolute firestorm of lurid accusations swirling around about them on the internet, one thing is increasingly obvious by its total absence: any effort to directly engage their accusers face-to-face.
The Jews simply WILL NOT discuss specific allegations. Curiously, they choose not to defend themselves in the way you or I would INSIST upon, were it we that were on the receiving end of such endless diatribes. Now at first, this could be explained away (and it was) by simply claiming that the Jews didn't want to 'provide a platform for racists.' In the early days (pre-internet) that excuse was widely accepted among the sheeple, who dutifully nodded their heads in unison with this noble sentiment. After all, back then it did seem a perfectly plausible reason. But as time has worn on and the accusations only grow louder and more insistent, to continue to remain silent increasingly seems to imply that they are unable to discuss these matters for the simple reason that they CANNOT counter them; the accusations (crazy sounding that they may be to the uninformed) are NOT baseless. They are grounded in vast stacks of high quality documentary evidence which when put before a Jew would leave him stultified with no answers and nowhere to run. Hence they resort to blanket denials which are not open to cross-examination, and increasing efforts to gag us through the courts." (4)
If we are to begin to play any part in our own futures, this thorny and secret pact between the Zionist State and whatever is left of the USA must be dragged out into the open and shattered-before the already in motion plans for the destruction of Iran are allowed to happen! (5)
Jim Kirwan
1) 1) The Plan to Restore Constitutional OrderThe Plan to Restore Constitutional Order
2) The US is not a Republic anymoreThe US is not a Republic anymore
3) WeAreChangeLA Confronts LA City Council ­ 4 minute video
4) The Deafening Silence
5) Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored the Facts
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