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Limbaugh Says Hillary
Will Get Democratic Nomination
By Bruce Marshall
On July 8th at the end of the 2nd hour of his program, Rush said that according to his sources Hillary Clinton would become the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party at the Denver convention in August. Of course, Rush knows this is possible because an official nominee will not be decided until the delegates cast their votes at the Convention in Denver.  
Rush knows that Hillary has not conceded, that she has not released her delegates, and there is along way to go until the Convention. 
Rush knows of the Obama scandal sheet and has discussed Obama's recent betrayal regards FISA, Iraq troop withdrawal, and a hardened attitude towards the plight of American's suffering under high gas prices. 
Now there is the growing PUMA movement that is calling for an open convention not a coronation, stating that it only takes 175 delegates to make Hillary the nominee. 
It will be an interesting summer as Democrats realize the truth about Wall Street puppet Obama and fight against his hijacking of the party by an elite clique.

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