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Barack Hussein Obama,
Future President?

By Joseph W. Schultz
If Barack Hussein Obama becomes the next president of the USA, it will be because the Republican power-brokers want him to be our next president.
The Republicans have enough dirt on Obama to make an absolute puppet out of him, through blackmail, coercion, intimidation and outright threats.
Why would the Republicans want Obama, instead of McCain, to be the next president?
Simply put, McCain is a puttering old fool. He would stumble over his own non-agenda. Bluntly put, he would not follow orders. But more importantly, if Obama gets elected, the Democrat Party will be the new whipping-boy for all subsequent difficulties encountered because of Bush's perceived ineptness and the present Democrat congress' rubberstamping of same, literally erasing all of Bush's ill-conceived, nation bankrupting, gaffes.
The Republicans (hard­core neo-Cons) are in a win-win situation. If John McCain were to miraculously take the presidency, his bumbling continuation of Bush's policies would merely be grist for said neo-cons to point out that McCain has always leaned toward the Democrat ideological agenda and, therefore, his inept actions would not reflect poorly on the current Republican party's infrastructure; there is no longer a centrist (conservative) ideology in the party's knap-sack.
The crucial time period for Obama will be from his official nomination in August to November's election; if he isn't disgraced by that time he will be the next president of theUnited States of America. He will then have the Republican neo-con's blessings and be the proud owner of a golden nose ring.
No matter who takes office in January, the over-riding political (corporate) agenda will be followed as if George Herbert Walker Bush were still at the helm, starting from when he was jelly-bean Reagan's vice president.
We the people are now witnessing the beginning of a brand new era of Robber Barons. The gang-raping of America will escalate in direct proportion to the neo-con's very accurate estimation of United States' citizen's complete ignorance of political corruption within our own borders.
These are not happy times 
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