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NJ-NY Train Station
Control Programming?
Dear Ken Adachi
Yesterday--July 1st, 2008--at about11:30 or so, I went to the Jersey City N.J. PATH station to take the train in to Manhattan. When I came thru the door, the first thing I noticed was that the address system was on...so I stopped to listen. Figured that it would be the usual "train late--something's out of service" type of message. It wasn't. It was incredibly odd.
I stood for a bit and listened and I heard things like (seriously) "Listen for the word 'the'...then there was a pause, and it repeated the message, "listen for the word 'the'" There was an odd pause, and I --not joking here, I'm dead serious--felt this odd little faint vibration in my head. Then the message would repeat, but use different words to "listen to"....such as "wait" and some others. What was odd--well, there were ALOT of odd things about this, not the least of which was that it was actually happening...but, I noticed that the pauses between phrases seemed to be in a specific pattern. They would vary--first it was maybe five seconds between one phrase, then the phrase, then a pause for maybe 15 seconds, then same phrase.. then another "listen for the word 'wait'...then a pause, etc.,,.but there seemed to be a pattern to these pauses as well as the phrases.
In between the phrases, I would feel this odd vibration in my head, and after a while, started feeling it in my body a bit as well. I looked around me, and no one seemed to be stopping and listening, but that didn't mean anything. Everyone was in a hurry to get on the train--no one stops to listen, even when they talk about "elevator is out at exchange place" or "train to newark will be late" or whatever. People have things to do, and they just keep going.
There is a police station in the Journal Square PATH, and I thought about asking them what the hell is going on, and then thought--do I really want to be singled out like that? No. Besides, about a week ago, I walked in the station and heard this siren sound, so I went to the cops and asked what was going on and they said that was a fire alarm going off but they didn't know where exactly the fire was, and they were looking into it. Sure enough, by the time I got to the train, there were firemen in full uniform walking back to whereever it is they go there, and then the alarm stopped, so I figured they were telling the truth about the alarm. But the cop I asked really gave me weird looks, like why is this woman bothering me?
So yesterday, when I heard the phrasing and such, I just thought, I'm not going to ask the cops anything,--you know, just keep going and not miss my train. Then I forgot all about it until this morning. Now, I had a busy day yesterday, so it's not odd that I would forget something like that, but still.....When I came back from the city, there were no more of those type of announcements, so I just let it go, until I remembered it this morning. I do not know what the hell was going on, but I thought it sufficiently strange enought that I wanted to mention it to you.
Oh, and another thing--I don't remember all of the phrases, I just remember "wait" and "stop", but I KNOW there were others...I have no idea why I don't remember the others. I just remembered feeling really creepy and I was trying to block out what they were saying so I got on the train as fast as I could, and started reading, to put my mind in another place, so to speak.
If you get any info on this, could you please put it on your website. I can't have been the only one to have reacted like that, I mean, the station was full of people. Very odd.
Anyway, thanks for reading this--I really enjoy your site.
Sincerely yours,
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