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Amazon Bans Hoffman's
'Judaism Discovered'

The Hoffman Wire
Dedicated to Freedom of the Press,
Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History
Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor. RevisionistHistory.org
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- Though the official publication date for Michael Hoffman's new book, "Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit" is August 10, it has already encountered an almost unprecedented ban on it by "earth's largest bookstore," Amazon.com.
After Amazon pre-ordered eleven copies of the book, the author was notified on August 3 by David Zapolsky, Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Amazon.com, that Amazon "will not continue distributing the book."
Though it may have been a coincidence, in roughly the same time frame, Google Inc. e-mailed Hoffman to inform him that his "On the Contrary" blog, hosted by Google since 2006, was set to be permanently deleted.
Google accused Hoffman of running a "spam" blog, in spite of the fact that he has written more than 500 original columns for the blog over the course of the nearly two years that Google has hosted "On the Contrary."
In 2006 Google Video banned two of Hoffman's videos, "World War II Revisionists Charles Provan" and "Deborah Lipstadt, Amalek and David Irving."
"While I did not anticipate the ban by Amazon," Hoffman said, "which in the past has had a  well-deserved reputation as a bastion of freedom of the press, fierce opposition to 'Judaism Discovered' was of course expected. Mr. Zapolsky's Aug. 3 communication was so partisan it was akin to a hazmana from a Beit din. It seems that when Judasm is radically challenged, there are no limits to the tribal solidarity that coalesces to fight threats to its immunity, a an immunity not enjoyed by Christianity or Islam. "
Hoffman has exhausted his appeals to the Amazon corporate hierarchy. Mr. Zapolsky informed Hoffman that until rabbinic objections are lifted, the book cannot be distributed by Amazon.
Hoffman added, "As I stated in my 'Desideratum' essay, the only 'argument' 'Judaism Discovered' can't overcome is the silent treatment. If the book is denied distribution, advertising and publicity, the enemies of truth his will have carried the day in the only way they can, through suppression and censorship."
Meanwhile, Independent History and Research, the book's publisher, has asked for patience from customers who have ordered the book. Their tiny shipping room staff of one-full time adult worker and one part time teen worker has been overwhelmed by the hundreds of orders for the book with which they are deluged, some of them for multiple copies and cases quantities, and are working long hours in order to process them in the order in which they are received.
Civil letters of protest may be addressed as follows (persons who send abusive or threatening letters will be regarded, and exposed, as agents of our adversaries):
Amazon.com Inc.
1200 12th Avenue, Suite 1200,
Seattle, WA 98144-2734
Michael Hoffman can be reached at
hoffman AT revisionisthistory.org
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