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How 888 Is Beating 666
By Benjamin Fulford
Historians are certain to write that 2008 08 08 was the date when Western rule of the world came to an end.
The Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies were attended by 80 heads of state and watched by 4 billion people. This ceremony formalized a transition that is already a statistical reality, The West controls 40% of world GDP and 17% of the world's population. Asia now accounts for a fast growing 40% share of world GDP , 63% of global financial assets and 65% of the world's population., In addition China is about to end the US's 100 year rule as the worlds largest manufacturing nation.
More important than these statistics, however, is the moral dimension. The G8 summit held this July in Japan was proof of how far the West has fallen from its former position as a moral beacon for the world. If you read the transcripts of the press conferences held by the 22 world leaders who were at that summit, you will see that the Zionist controlled nations: Canada, Germany, the US, England and France have become isolated from the rest of humanity. World leaders were disgusted to hear of the suppressed World Bank report that proved these countries were subsidizing world starvation by paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food.
Furthermore, the world now is fully aware that it is the Zionist powers who are responsible for almost all terrorism in the world. The world knows the Taleban, Al CIA Duh, the Tibetan "freedom fighters" etc. are funded and set up by the petroleum and military lobbies that control the West.
The cornered Zionists are now trying, in their last desperate ploy, to start WW3. They are hoping to provoke a war with Iran and get Russia and China involved. However, the people of the world know that no matter how brainwashed the Western majority may be, they are not brainwashed enough to start a war that could kill billions on behalf of a few thousand plutocrats. Furthermore, China and Russia are not stupid enough to fall into the Zionist trap in Iran.
This is not how a transition from Western elite rule to rule by the human majority was supposed to be. It is not too late for the West to marshal all its resources for a massive campaign to end environmental destruction, poverty and war before handing over a pristine planet to the future generations of humanity.
We must not let the cornered beasts have any excuse to carry out their planned genocide. They suffer from collective insanity and so we need to help them escape from their nightmare reality of eternal warfare, disease, starvation and mass slavery. The West must show the world what it is really made of. It is now or never.
Benjamin Fulford
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