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We Are Not 'At War'
Jim Kirwan
If we were 'at war' then the entire global landscape would be very different. A loosely drawn definition of 'War' implies that both parties would be involved in a battle for existence, and that both sides have strong reasons of their own to survive. What the United States and Israel have re-introduced is a new-form of modernized colonial aggressions that have very quickly become illegal occupations. These crimes are enabled by unchecked criminal- military and political dictatorship, supported by greed, and paid for by the piracy which the global corporatocracy has brought us.
If we were at War: Given that the costs of these wars have consumed over half of what this nation spends on everything; the public would be kept informed of every action and reaction that takes place. The lives and deaths of our troops would be covered in depth, and could never have been kept secret. If we were at War, the failures of those in charge would have had very real and immediate consequences: Cheney and Rumsfeld would now be in prison, and Bush along with all his other flunkies would be gone.
If we were at War: the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice along with the Congress would have laid out in meticulous detail all the evidence that they could have gathered from the events of 911. The point would have been to prove the validity of our rash and otherwise illegal actions, but this was never considered. Instead the evidence was either officially destroyed or covered-up and these practices that flow from this cover-up are still continuing over seven years after the fact.
If we were at War: the civilian population of the United States would have been asked to make sacrifices to speed the end of the war: instead we were told: "just go shopping." Given that the costs of going to war in the New Millennium are astronomical, even without adding 180,000 mercenaries to the 140,000 troops already in Iraq: how then could the administration (and the congress) have ever justified the massive tax-cuts they continue to give to the same companies that are profiting so heavily, from the secret no- bid contracts, that were directly created to service the supposed needs created by these wars?
When the US had a manufacturing base and a viable economy, those assets meant that when we went to war, there would be thousands of jobs here at home and it was those jobs that brought this nation back from the edge of Depressions in both World Wars. This time the "wars" and the actions of the Owners that are financing them, are bankrupting America at a phenomenal pace, and still there has been no alteration to "Staying the Course" which the American Dictator has ordered.
How is it that this combination of financial ruin with illegal aggressions and occupations has not triggered major questions about the way things are being done both here and in the world? If we were at 'WAR' that would be the case: but this is not what the Dictator calls being "at-war." We have enhanced the old Colonial aggressions and turned them into occupations without end. The United States and Israel are the bad-guys that prey upon weaker nations, while they try to hide these crimes beneath their threadbare slogans of 'freedom & democracy.'
In our history we have invaded over two-hundred times and what we have brought to those we have "liberated" has not been "freedom & democracy." Too often it has been only the worst of the worst. It began with the huge number of treaties that we broke with every American tribe in a war that lasted over four-hundred years and nearly exterminated the entire native population. We continued with a three year war on the Philippines, where we used Gatling guns to subdue the natives. There was also our first pre- emptive strike, from Texas, carried out against Mexico in order to complete our colonial march to the West Coast. Afterward we set our sights on the world.
In the twentieth century our conquests installed Papa Doc in Haiti, Idi Amin in Uganda, Suharto in Indonesia, Pinochet in Chile, The Shah in Iran, and a whole cast of bad-guys throughout Central and South America along with dozens of other invasions and occupations around the world. In these acquisitions we have used the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to destabilize these smaller nations and soften them up for American corporate takeovers of their resources. Our policies are not a secret from the rest of the world; they are only SECRET from the American public!
Some tend to believe these policies and practices were limited to ancient history, but as too few seem to realize Ronald Reagan was very active, along with everyone that came after him in bringing this legacy of colonial empire forward to the present moment. These kinds of criminal activities have always played a part in the rise and fall of every major nation in the world: but we have surpassed all those that have preceded us by a wide margin, partly through technology but mostly by keeping the huge staff of corrupt underlings alive and well from administration to administration almost without interruption.
Kissinger, Madeline Albright, James Baker III, Brzezinski, almost everyone from the Iran-Contra Affair and the failed War on Drugs, the lists go on and on. There are war-criminals, mega-thieves, mass murders along with common criminals by the thousands along with the better known names. There were so few investigations or convictions of anything that this nation has done in the name of "national- security," because real investigations would have brought this whole criminal enterprise to a very ugly end. On the practical side this simply could not be accomplished, because those who are constitutionally charged with prosecuting these criminals are more than part of it; they made it all possible. (1), (2)
However this is far more than a simple military-political takeover, it represents a sea-change in the way the powerful have come to view their victims: the population of the United States and the world! (3), (4)
This is why we are not at-war: We are in the final stages of the illegal and aggressive occupations of those states that we have so far failed to conquer.
It is as simple and as complex as that!
The pro-active aggressions, of our military occupation have now begun to equal what the Israeli's have been doing to the Palestinians for over fifty years. In Sadr City we are bombing and strafing the civilian population indiscriminately, murdering innocent women and children alike, with impunity: in the name of protecting our soldiers that have made war upon that war-torn area many times before. This is not war; it is the arrogant and unjustified murder by the military not for military purposes, but for the crooked politicians and corporations that support our every excess.
If this were war: these actions would be war-crimes, instead these actions have become simple and routine events to be carried out against the same people we supposedly are there to liberate. If we were there to liberate the population, then we would not need the long term military bases, nor would we be demanding absolute control over the oil and water of that country. If this was a war of liberation we would never have settled for an Iraqi government that is corrupt in every department, and in nearly every official capacity.
Finally if this were a war, then we could hardly blame Iran for the deaths of Americans inside Iraq, especially when we have continued to fail to protect our own troops for the entire period of the occupation: because we still do not have the essential armored Humvees that have still not been provided. If our military consisted of Draftees, instead of "volunteers" then none of these actions would have been tolerated "in a time of war." But we are not "at war," instead we are trying to perfect the formula for maintaining continuing chaos in the name of ever- greater profits for the criminal-elite, worldwide!
Regime change in America is required because the financial collapse of this nation will end the occupation (5)
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5) Financial Collapse Will End the Occupation ­ Mike Whitney
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