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Time To Wake The Hell Up!
Judith Moriarty
Cheney dragging his evil ass over there wasn't to watch soccer games - which, by the way, GWB says proves how great the country is doing - HONEST TO GOD THE DOLT SAID THIS a couple days ago! Most people- namely because we get NO news - don't realize that GWB's surge consisted on handing out DUFFLE BAGS full of loot --to the various tribes to bribe them into NOT fighting or attacking American forces. Think about it -- we've been handing out tens of thousands of dollars to the very same people who planted bombs - that has left 4000 US dead - tens of thousands wounded.
I wonder how the couple in Brattleboro, Vermont whose only child Kyle was blown up by these forces feels about their tax dollars now being paid to their kid's killers to not fight? I have a feeling that all thise dough is running out. We only hear of the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds when, in fact, there are approximately 28 different tribes to whom the people are loyal to.
We recently had two more killed from NH - one kid was on his FOURTH trip over there - they just keep sending them until they DIE. The other one from Littleton was blown up - gosh, because the Humvee he was driving STILL HAD NO ARMOUR. If he'd have been in a presidential convoy cruising Tuscon he'd sure as hell have been protected. These kids die and you couldn't speak to anyone on the street who knows or cares!  Oh, our Governor remarked that the kid from Littleton DIED PROTECTING OUR FREEDOM - can you believe this bullshit?
He died and police chief Jose Pequeno (32) with three kids from Sugar Hill, NH (nobody here even knows about him) will NEVER be normal or probably ever come home. His Humvee had no armor - just a few son-of-a-bitching sandbags on the floor.
Three trillion to secure these OIL FIELDS for the international oil barons - and we have to hear this hogwash about protecting our freedom from a land with no navy - no airforce - no infrastructure - and millions dispossessed - or dying with NO medical care. Sandbags and WWII equipment! Jose had his head blown up - has plastic skull pieces, can't walk, can only grunt - has a permanent feeding tube - and we're paying those who blew him up!!
But then when a president and his cohorts LIE - (read New American Century) - about going to war - when the plan was always to occupy - and grab those oil fields (bigger than Saudi Arabia) - you'll have those whose land has been invaded fighting till the death. Ha - latest word is, these supposed Iraqi forces are deserting with their American weapons and joining the various tribal factions.
Basra - this is where 80% of the oil is - and ports are located. They are NOT going to turn these fields over to EXXON - BP, etc - they'll blow them all up first. The worst and most fearful thing is - we have approx 180,000 contractors and 140,000 military there. When you have corporate HOGS running a war - you are going to have CHAOS.  Now we have tribes fighting tribes for control - and our military stuck in the middle of this mess. IF and I fully expect it - they start a war with Iran - God help them all. Russia and China will not stand idly by - there is only ONE supply route from Kuwait - the airport in Baghdad where many of our forces are gathered - is 15 miles from the Green Zone (only one road) -- which is now under attack. There is no exit - it won' t be like Vietnam with helicopters removing personnel from the embassy roof.  - JM

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